The History of Ember

(an abbreviated timeline)

Dates are provided with Amber Years (AY) when known or approximated. EY (Ember Years) denotes the calendar of the First Ember, CY (Corrine Years) denotes the current calendar after Corrine redrew the Fire Pattern and the restoration of the kingdom.

0 AY = ?? EY
Fuyutsuki draws the Primal Pattern, which casts the five Elemental shadow Patterns (Metal, Air, Water, Wood, and Fire). He sets off to explore the infinite Shadow that results.
~0 AY - ~200 AY = 150 EY
Shayla of Ember is appointed Queen of Ember by Fuyutsuki. This is the earliest EY-era date that Corrine was able to find.
~200 AY - ~500 AY = ?? EY
Ember as a kingdom grows, but is unknown to exist beyond its trading partners in the fire shadows. King Gendo I of Amber and Fuyutsuki also know of Ember, but contact is limited.
~500 AY - ~600 AY = 459 EY
The First Devestation. Skippy the Logrus Squid (aka Gideon the Ravager Beast) arrives from another universe and attempts to eat the Fire Pattern. While the Logrus Squid is unsuccessful in this attempt, the Fire Pattern is severely damaged enough to cause its reflections in Shadow to self-destruct. The original kingdom falls, its Queen and original Pattern Defender both dead. It is unknown if there are any survivors from this time, but this is the last known date to have been recorded in the original Ember calendar.

~600 AY - 1262 AY
A whole lot of nothing happens in Ember. The city and environs, already heavily damaged, continues to break down over the centuries due to the ravages of time.
1262 AY
The Succession Crisis. Corrine, Princess of Amber, inherits the Fire Demi-Jewel upon the death of King Gendo.
~1270 AY - ~1290 AY
Corrine makes several journeys to Ember to investigate the ruins.

1292 AY = 0 CY
The Annadil Crisis and The Restoration. During the beginning events of the crisis, Corrine decides that the damaged Fire Pattern must be repaired in order to prevent Amber's enemies from exploiting the flaw in Reality that it represents. She redraws the Fire Pattern, and in the process restores the Kingdom of Ember in its entirety, becoming its Queen. However, she does not learn this salient fact until she returns in 500 CY.
1292 AY = 0 CY - 499 CY
The Pariseau Regency. Catherine of Pariseau serves ably as Corrine's Regent during the Queen's absence, and works to promote trade and diplomacy among Ember's neighbors in Shadow.
1292 AY = 500 CY
The Return of the Queen. Corrine returns to Ember after a day's rest in Arden, and discovers that she is the Queen of Ember. She compacts with The Red Knight, thereby solidifying her control over the realm. She then begins preparing Ember for the conflict with Annadil and the Outsiders that is sure to come.
1292 AY = 501 CY
Gabrielle is 'born', coming online. She is soon recognized as Corrine's first daughter.
1292 AY = 510 CY
Shaft comes to Ember, and walks the Fire Pattern. He and Queen Corrine then return to Amber to aid in the Annadil Crisis.

The Second Devestation. After a month's dissaperance, Queen Corrine reappears just as Fido the Logrus Squid reappears and tries to eat Ember's Fire Pattern once again. The queen, Juri of Amber, Juri of Avalon, Roderick of Gumi-Amber, Princess Hiko, and the members of the Squid Gumi attempt to fight off the Squid from without and within, forcing the Mac Finndos to retreat across the universes with their squid. Queen Corrine, Juri of Avalon, and Roderick of Gumi-Amber are taken along for the ride.

Hiko walks the Fire Pattern to attune to the Heart of Flame.

Queen Corrine and company finally return from their cross-universe jaunts.

1292 AY = 510 CY - 530 CY
The Reconstruction. The Kingdom of Ember rebuilds while Hiko regrows an eye, in preparation for the Second Day of Darkness.
1292 AY = 530 CY
Keiko walks the Fire Pattern, and is officially recognized as being of the Blood of Ember. Corrine legally adopts her.

The Second Day of Darkness. 'Nuff said.

Shizumaru walks the Fire Pattern before going on his search for his mother.

Ember opens official diplomatic relations with Amber. Trade agreements with several of the Golden Circle shadows soon follow.

1293 AY = 531 CY
Sumire is born. Kanna, Princess of Ember, is born.
1314 AY = 552 CY
Kanna walks the Fire Pattern for the first time, on her 21st birthday.
1330 AY = 568 CY
Sumire is appointed Ambassador to Amber.
1332 AY = 570 CY
The Present Day.