The Fire Pattern Chamber

Deep within the depths of Mt. Vesuvius rests the Fire Pattern chamber, a natural cavern shaped out of the volcanic rock, connected in some way to the castle dungeons. It is a large chamber, sealed off by a thick oaken door bound by heavy iron straps, and despite its lack of windows, it is still warmly lit... partially by the warmth and heat of the slightly glowing rock walls, but more importantly by the great ruby arcs and curves of the Fire Pattern itself, engraved by some fasion in the black basalt floor of the pattern chamber. It is said that Queen Corrine drew the Fire Pattern... in fact, some of the more knowledgeable say that she redrew the Fire Pattern and restored the kingdom in the process, but if this is so, there is no longer any physical evidence of the Pattern or the Kingdom having been damaged in the first place.

Much like the Metal Pattern of Kolvir, the Fire Pattern can only be walked by those with the blood of Amber or Ember within them. Those who succeed are granted the capability to walk through Shadow, and a subtle adaptation to allow them to better handle Ember's temperatures. All others get consumed by the sparks and flames if they even try. The Fire Pattern is oriented 180 degrees rotated from the Metal Pattern in Kolvir -- whereas the Metal Pattern's starting point is close to the door and the walker finishes facing away from the entrance, the starting point for the Fire Pattern is at the opposite end of the Pattern Chamber, and the walker reaches the center facing the door.