The Silver Spire of Castle Ember

Jutting up beyond even the tallest towers of Castle Ember is the Silver Spire, a tall and slim cylindrical tower that serves as Mia Ausa's workshops and residence, as well as the centerpoint of Ember's magical defenses. Plated in silver, it rises twelve stories in total, providing residences and offices for lesser mages on the lower flights, a series of storerooms and magical machinery rooms in the middle levels, and the Court Mage's library, suite, and laboratories on the upper floors before one reaches the Royal Observatory, which is filled with magical and mundane viewing apperatuses. There is also an observation balcony that juts out from one floor, wide and spacious, which provides a beautiful view of the surrounding castle, city, and countryside from its heights. Guests of the court are sometimes entertained here; the rest of the time it is quiet and peaceful. A giant golden embossed Pyricorn, the emblem of Ember, is displayed above the entrance to the observation balcony.