The Royal Weyrs of Castle Ember

Carved and burrowed within the slopes of Mt. Vesuvius, below the level of Castle Ember, are the Royal Weyrs, the nesting places for the riding dragons that form the original core of Ember's Air Force. The air is warm and slightly sulfurous, and the walls glow with an inner light, propigated by the volcanic rock. Despite the fact that Mt. Vesuvius is actively volcanic, there is no threat of lava flows overruning the dragon weyrs or the dragonrider barracks. There are two main entrances to the Weyrs themselves for the dragons to take; one to the north, overlooking the Desert of Darah, and one to the south, overlooking the Fire Forest of the Corona. This allows for quick deployment to any part of the kingdom should it be needed.

Queen Corrine's pet dragon, a golden dragon named 'Sparky' (whom she inherited from King Gendo I of Amber upon his death), has a prime piece of real estate in the Weyrs, nestled among the gold and gems of his treasure horde. The queen visits him often, and when she can, takes him out on flights around the castle and nearby countryside. The rest of the time, he just relaxes and looks smug.