Corrine's Workshops and Testing Range

Early in Queen Corrine's reign, she realized that she would need sufficent space to work on trumps, above and beyond the art-studio environs that she had used before, especially for designing and implementing the trump-based machinery and magical equipment that would form the original physical core for Gabrielle. In order to get that space, several storerooms on the first floor of Castle Ember were emptied of their contents, their dividing walls were knocked out, and their interiors were refurbished to form a a single, large, completely functional trump machinery workshop, allowing the queen to work on the various trump-based equipment that would eventually go on to become a part of the Ember military's Special Forces groups. A large rolling door was also added, leading to the outside courtyard, where a section was partitioned off for privacy and safety. Here, the queen and her assistants could perform weapons and engine tests without risk of harming the other inhabitants of the castle.