Quite possibly the darkest Flawed Reflection of Amber, Embra is an 'Amber' which has fallen to the predations of the Outsiders. The majority of the Royal Family members at the time of Tylor (plus some descendants) are represented there, but they are twisted madmen, slaves to the whims of the Outer Gods and their subordinates. How this Flawed Amber came to be is still a matter of debate. Some say that some fool (quite possibly Annadil himself) opened the Flawed Gate of Revolution ("The Gate Of Night") at the heart of its Flawed Air Pattern, allowing the Outsiders a foothold into our reality. Others darkly hint that perhaps Embra is a reflection of Fuyutsuki's nightmares given form, given his existance at the times of the First and Second Sidar Empires when the Outsiders first became known ...

The first time our Amber became certifiably aware of the existance of Embra was with the attacks by various members of their kin, prompted by Annadil, to supplant the current Royal Family. This prompted a response by Derith to seal Embra and its tainted people within a massive cross-shadow dome, a titanic effort that only a pattern master of his skill, with the Jewel of Judgement, could accomplish.

Embra itself has been witnessed by only a handful of the Royal Family -- and most of them have no desire to return, given its twisted nature. Fuyutsuki, Mikage, Miki, and Nagisa visisted its Flawed Air Pattern (a purple distorted rose on a duelling platform) briefly to check its state at the beginning of the crisis, and narrowly avoided being killed by Embra-Utena. Shizumaru, Michelle, Saionji, and Sakura-Touga visited there breifly while searching for Shizumaru's mother, and learned that its Flawed Metal Pattern had been transformed into a gigantic Yellow Sign. And Kanako apparently had various dealings with those within the dome, offering sanctuary to the few who could hopefully be saved.

The dome itself has stood for over 140 years, but recent events indicate that there are those who seek to breach the dome to release its plague once more. The final fate of Embra has yet to be written ...

Known Survivors (who don't suck)

Known Survivors (who are hopefully stuck in the Dome)

Unknown State (due to being unseen or barely mentioned in the campaigns)

It is believed there are flawed versions of the original Children of the Elements present (and their loves and possibly descendants), but we don't have hard data.

Unknown State (But we wish they were dead)

Verified Deceased

Known Artifacts

The other Flawed Jewel's statuses are unknown.

The other Flawed Patternblade's statuses are unknown.