Commander of the Air Fleets of Amber

Generally believed to be the long-missing and presumed dead eldest child of Haruka of Harad and Gendo of Amber, she is actually a blood creature of that Eowyn, created by Sakura. Since the events of the Herald Crisis, she has been rehabilitated from her terrorist ways and has become a valued member of the family and commander of the Air Fleets.

She seems to be quite close to Anthy, Motoko, Mikage, Nausicaa, and the Harads, but doesn't get along so well with her daughter, Princess Asuka.

Eowyn Arisugawa, Commander of the Palace Guard of Castle Ember, bears a great physical resemblance to the original Eowyn and her duplicate, save with a much more pronounced tan.

Eowyn is known to have helped Drake with the arrest of Shinobu Major. She is in mourning over Mikage's death.

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