Forth the Nine Riders: The Series

This page is one of those things I do when I have time to kill and an idle imagination. Inspired by the set of 'DVD covers' Phil has done for his own adventures.

Season One Opener

Nine Minus Two Plus Two Equals Nine

Random: "It was the year of love."

Telemain: "The year of disaster."

Kanako: "The year wanderings ended."

Orien: "It was the year of opportunity."

Akari: "A year of flame and corpses."

Chloe: "It was the year of revelation."

Tomos: "The year of blood."

Shiori: "The year we strode into the dark."

Nanami: "It was the year the dreams ended."

Season Two Opener

Pass Through The Fire

Kanako: "The gears of destiny do grind ever onward."

Nanami: "I've got a long memory. They'd do well to remember that."

Telemain: "And the intended victim?"

Orien: "Some names are better left unspoken..."

Tomos: "Forgive my asking after sensitive matters."

Shiori: "Songs of Light and Hope..."

Akari: "How could I be your Song? They look at me and see a bumbling, meddling fool..."

Random: "Silly me, I keep on forgetting about the fame thing."

Chloe: "I want to make it well, but I don't know how."

Sousuke: "Someone will no doubt pay."

Suzuka: "I will endeavor to exercise better judgement in the future."

Season Three Opener

The World Turned Upside Down

Orien: "Turning and turning in the widening gyre..."

Shiori: "...the falcon cannot hear the falconer."

Chloe: "Things fall apart; the centre cannot hold."

Tomos: "Mere anarchy is loosed upon the world."

Random: "The blood-dimmed tide is loosed, and everywhere..."

Akari: "...the ceremony of innocence is drowned."

Sousuke: "The best lack all convictions, while the worst..."

Suzuka: "...are full of passionate intensity."

Nanami: "Surely some revelation is at hand..."

Season Four Opener

Shaking The Pillars of Heaven

Kurz: "Here we go again..."

Drake: "Shiori, I assume you can look at someone and spot Abyss in them without having to radiate a huge sign that says 'Hello, I am Queen of the Abyss!'? Or am I doomed to disappointment?"

Tylor: "About how you've been studying the arts of the Abyss?"

Uotani: "Man, I hope you don't get hair on your back, Tomos."

Wind Dragon: "You have to let it all out sometimes, or else you explode. But finding a liveable balance between holding it in and letting it out is one of the hardest things there is."

Asuka: "Akari's another matter. She trails death like Typhoid Mary."

Kaname: "We both have our duties to our nations."


Yuki: "Lord Akito would march our house into the Abyss for you, if he had to."

Aburatsubo: "Dear Orien usually does his best to keep me unstabbed; I just seem to have a knack."

Asuka: "Random does nothing the easy way."

Kyoko: "His father is a 'warrior'. Sousuke is a 'soldier'. I think that sums it up pretty well."

Kaname: "I find I often don't understand Chloe's ideas."

Nagisa: "He is a Water Elementalist of substantial skill and power and a naval commander of great skill. Roughly a third of Darios' naval strength answers to him, his 'Seven Sins Fleet'."

Yurika: "I understand they filled him full of bombs."

Hanajima: "They must have had a lot of FUN in the Fire Tower."

Nagisa: "I expect Akari will lose her virginity next."

Asuka: "I will not let you fall into darkness..."

Halder: "How the hell did you walk a Pattern?"

Annadil: "You will never forget this.... wait..."

Akari of Catala

Chloe of Rebma

Kanako of Belgalad

Nanami of Belgalad

Orien of Calendar World and Shiori Juri Tsuchiya

Random of Arcadia

Sousuke of Helgram

Telemain of Tenjou

Tomos of Valois