House of Catala-Fenchaud


In 1271 AY, Henri Fenchaud married Susanne Brisson. Henri was one of the royal librarians of King Jean II Valois of Therin. By 1277 AY, they had three children. Around this time, the King had a several month fling with Susanne Brisson. As a result, when Marc Fenchaud was born in 1278 AY, Marc was actually the child of Jean and Susanne. They went on to have two more children as well.

After the flight of Jean II Valois into Shadow and the defeat of Therin in the wake of the Annadil Crisis, the Fenchauds lost their position as librarians to the king, but were able to become librarians and polemnic writers for the Daubainne family.

In 1299 AY, Marc Fenchaud married Evelyn Havre. In 1301, their son Martin was born. In 1318, their daughter Marie Fenchaud was born.

In 1324 AY, Martin married Alessandra Coligny. Their son Yves was born in 1325, and their daughter Susanna in 1333 AY.

In 1327, Count Anton Daubainne was appointed Ambassador to Amber, and the Fenchauds moved to Amber. When the Ambassadorship ended in 1351, Martin, Alessandra, and Susanna moved back to Therin. Yves remained in Amber, working for the Therinese embassy as a researcher.

In 1355, Yves married Louisa Valois; in 1356, they moved back to Therin. Tohru is born to them in 1416 AY.

In 1370, Martin publishes his first highly successful book, a history of the First Amber/Therin war, which focuses on how the war led to the creation of the Estates General.

In 1411, Marc and Evelyn are both caught in riots in Roncesvalles during an effort to cut the bread dole and are slain.

In 1424, Yves and Louisa perish when their home burns; Tohru survives and is brought back to Amber by her half-brother, Tomos, son of Louisa, in 1425 AY.

Shortly after this, Susanna has her third marriage, to a bookbinder named Jacques.

Surviving Fenchauds

Martin Fenchaud

Born in 1301 AY, Martin is an academic at heart, a scholar of history and culture who is not afraid to make enemies by telling the truth as he sees it. (Though it's notable that his noble patrons do generally seem to recieve the flat of his blade at worst and great praise at best). After writing various polemnical works for his patrons, he published one of his side projects in 1370, The Birth of the Estates-General: A Political History of the First Amber/Therin War. It had huge success, bringing in a lot of money, which has enabled him to improve his station in life.

While no longer financially dependent on his patrons, Martin continues to maintain a friendly relationship with several noble families, as he doesn't desire to die any time soon if he can help it. He is fairly good with a sword as Therinese go, but his skills pale before that of the Royals of Amber, or even before the more skillful commoner swordsmen of Amber. He is ultimately, more writer than hero.

Notable books:

Susanna Fenchaud

Susanna is not the luckiest of women. She was engaged three times before her first marriage in 1360 finally came off. The first suitor was killed in a duel, the second got drunk and tried to fly from the roof of an eight story building, and the third got press-ganged and has not been seen since. From 1360-72, she was married to Marcel the Perfume Seller, who died of the plague. From 1384-1401, she was married to Henri the Candlemaker, whose shop burned down while she was off shopping. In 1426 AY, she married the still surviving Jacques the Bookbinder, ending up as stepmother to his six children by his previous wife.

Susanna is a very nervous woman, who expects disaster to follow her. She does her best to be a good mother to Jacques' children. The younger ones have come to accept her; the older ones seem to fear she'll get their father killed. Recent events have not helped with this. Nevertheless, she is a very good household manager and a skilled cook.