House Formorian

Mutated Freaks Who Like to Shock People


Lord Formorian

The house is led by Kaled, son of Balor, who has a talking left hand with an eye in the palm. Kaled is a harsh leader, who has driven his house hard to rebuild their strength since his father's death during the Herald Crisis and the destruction of much of the house's leadership when the Outsider cult in the house was exposed.

He is known to have a great distaste for Amber, and an even greater hatred for House Danaani.

Kaled is currently seeking a wife, as his first wife failed to bear him any children, so he threw her over like yesterday's newspaper.

House Aptitudes

House Formorian has delved into the arts of shapeshifting in great depth. They especially enjoy the art of making blood creatures, and many of them spend a lot of time in shadow finding interesting creatures to bring back and produce more interesting creatures from.

Members of House Firbolg like to shock other houses and deliberately take on non-debilitating deformities. At the same time, they are sympathetic to those who don't suffer these deformities of their own free will, and it brings out their usually latent benevolence when they encounter such. 'Kindness of the Firbolg' is a metaphor for charity to the injured and deformed among the Courts.

Most importantly, they are the premeire aerial combatants of Chaos, having devoted much of their resources to developing flying machines and training themselves to fight in the air.

Their emphasis on shapeshifting has recently paid off big-time, as they came through the Logruswrack much better than most of the houses, including their archenemy Danaani. Kaled has put forth a claim to the Throne of Chaos that is unlikely to have a prayer of success; it is likely that he wishes he could swing support to Suroth but would rather die than be on the same team as Danaani. He also probably is in a rage over finally being strong enough to crush Danaani like a bug, but unable to due to their alliance with Suroth.

House Geography

Notable Firbolgs and Residents of Formorianways

Balok the Three-Eyed, Marshal of House Formorian

A skillfull general and explorer, Balok is Kaled's slightly younger brother. He usually has two heads, which sometimes argue with each other.


Also a two-headed younger brother of Kaled, he loves to hunt, and will often take his enemies and hunt them somewhere. If they escape, he will foreswear any future feud with them. He dislikes most Amberites, but is known to admire Prince Corey for his willingness to do whatever he pleases, whatever the cost.

Ferm, an Airship pilot


A one-eyed Orc, distant cousin of Balor. He had his eye poked out by Corellion Larethian of the Danaani, and he is NOT happy about it. Currently roaming around Shadow, no doubt up to another stupid revenge plan.


Younger sister to Kaled. She hates the Danaani, and especially hates Kuonji for his involvement in the devastation of Formorian. She is more an entertainer than a warrior or politician, and is one of the best singers in Chaos.


Widow of Balor, mother to Kaled and his siblings. She is creepy as all get out, scaring even him at times. She is from House Vishnu, a subsidiary house of Helgram. She is known to admire Princess Kanako's style.

Lloth, Commander of the Driders


Younger sister to Kaled, she is just plain slime. She likes to torture people, and uses Advanced Logrus and Advanced Conjuration to build her own private hells for experiments. She is known to have studied extensively with various Tremere Masters in the art of shadow molding.

Mumm-Ra, Court Magus

Serpentor, High Judge of Formorian

Terminyan, Clerist of House Formorian

Allies and Subordinate Houses