"Professor" Fuyutsuki (Birthdate unknown, but predates the Pattern)

"I am the great Giacomo, King of Jesters and Jester to Kings!"--Fuyutsuki

"You can learn a lot from Great-Grandpa."--Mutsumi

"Imagine if the Oracle of Delphi lived her entire life without ever getting off the big fume-spewing crack in the ground. That's Fuyutsuki."--Ambassador from Uila.

Drawer of Pattern, spinner out of fate, complete loon. If you know sorcery or trumps or advanced pattern, you probably studied under him. He's a fruitcake, but he's a powerful, knowledgeable fruitcake. Watch out for his hat. He's your great-grandfather, but no one is sure who or what he had sex with to produce Gendo. Rumors claim it was the Unicorn, but surely the Unicorn has more taste.

Fuyutsuki lives in a suite of rooms down in the dungeons under the Palace. He has a very large lab, which the front door opens into; no one is sure if he has a bedroom or just sleeps there. He also has a painting gallery connected to it, most of which are trumps. All of your family are depicted, along with other people and places you've never seen.

Fuyutsuki married Shaft's ex-wives, the Kasumis, during the Herald Crisis. Lady Kasumi lives in Amber with him while Leather Knight Kasumi stays in ShAmber?; he spends a lot of time there for obvious reasons.

As always, Fuyutsuki is very busy, but it's not clear what he's busy with.

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