The Gloom Device

Said to have been made by one of the Old Gods during the time of the War of the Gods, the Gloom Device is a large yellow box covered with dials, switches, buttons, and one big red button that sets it off.

It is known that the device is capable in some manner of destroying logrus manifestations, and perhaps even the Primal Logrus itself.

It appeared in this universe during the Herald Crisis after playing a crucial role in the destruction of another universe during a succession crisis in Chaos there. Swallowed by Demogorgon, it caused much havoc and nearly destroyed an entire army of Chaosians.

It is now in the hands of Anno, Keeper of the Logrus.

Demetrius occasionally gets tetchy when the Gloom Device is mentioned in casual conversation.

A second Gloom Device was brought into the F9R universe by Princess Suzuka from another universe after being tricked into taking it. It was then used by Yog-Sothoth to bring on the Logruswrack. It is being kept under wraps by Fuyutsuki.