Gondola Race Rules

The race will be conducted in a shadow duplicate of Rebma which has been cleared of anyone who is not disposable.

Each Gondola may be staffed by up to four people--one team captain, who will be awarded the spikard if the gondola wins, and three supporting team members, who will recieve t-shirts and a prize to be determined later. (Any number of people may help to construct the gondola; only four are allowed to operate it in the race.)

Team Captains:

Team Members

Basic Rules

Victory Conditions

Sign-Up Space

If you want your char to get involved, sign up here, please, so I can plan.

Roster of Registered Teams

Gentlemen, Prep Your Engines

The plan. Time to get all the planning going. You have one week to design your gondola and carry out any evil plans that you have to make other people's life difficult.

The onset of the Gondola Race has been delayed, as my family's email server will be down a while starting on Sunday. Soon as it's back in action, I will start the Gondola Race.

Question section

(added by PJM to allow for running questions of import to all players to be asked and recorded if people are not on the muck at the time general discussion on this game takes place. Answers are presumably going to be added by the GM)