Captain Special Agent Hanajima, Good Witch and Mistress of the 'Air Wave'

My air wave informs me that you are here to assassinate the Kashfan ambassador. It would have been advisable for you to have stayed home instead. I would advise that you not reach for the wand you believe is concealed in your boot and that you instead surrender before I have to use force."


"She stood, smiling a soft enigmatic smile, on the ramparts of a great palace carven of emerald and jade, a black witch's hat perched jauntily atop her long dark green wavy hair, which spilled down freely around her shoulders and chest and back. Her dark blue-green eyes were large and deep, eyes you could drown yourself in, which showed everything, but revealed nothing. One could hardly see the top of her elegant black and green dress, though one could easily see the long green gloves, trimmed with black which she wore. A broom poked up from below the ramparts next to her. High above her, the clouds moved subtly, forming shapes whose meaning lingered at the edge of your perception, but just beyond your reach. But not beyond hers."


Hanajima was born a few days before Spring Equinox, 1333, the child of barrel-makers. She had a natural knack for magic, and acquired books from which she learned the rudiments by the age of 12. Her parents decided she ought to soon be married to someone to 'keep her in check'. Disliking the idea, she ran away to join Uotani's girl gang. When, in 1349, Ramon recruited Uo, Hanajima joined the guards as well.

Hanajima stunned her initial swordmaster by beating him in combat the first time he sparred with her. Tested for psychic strength, she gave Keiko a good fight before Keiko won. She trained with Anthy, who took her on as a protege, causing much jealousy among other magi of the Castle Guards. Over the years which followed, Hanajima is known to have trained with Mikage, Eowyn, Anthy, and Nausicaa. During this time, she and Uotani became very close to Tomos, who joined the guard in 1356.

In 1368, Anthy took Hanajima into shadow, then returned without her, informing Misato that Hanajima was continuing special training in shadow. Hanajima returned four years later, just in time to help Fuyutsuki, Anthy, Nausicaa, Eowyn, Yumi, Motoko, and Davros rebuild the Shadow Theatre. Rumors circulated of a massive sex rite held by them there, but the rumors were squashed when Fuyutsuki 'accidentally' leads a herd of rampaging elephants through the streets of Amber City, squashing the eight bookstalls selling supposedly true accounts of the rite, then publishes his own book, 'The True Story of How We Rebuilt the Shadow Theatre'. While no one who reads the book seems to remember anything it said, they all come away convinced it was completely innocent.

In 1385, she became a Captain Special Agent, and has since served the Crown in many ways. This included joining Ramon and Keiko's trip to Wroland in 1395, where she assisted in defending them from the assassins, and was instrumental in uncovering certain of their motivations.

Between 1410 and 1420, she took a leave of absence and went into shadow. She returned, seeming rather more frozen over than when she left. She has since gradually returned to her previous state of detached amusement.

Personality and Aptitudes

Hanajima usually projects an attitude of cool detachment and slight amusement. She usually is smiling slightly, but her eyes usually don't hold much warmth. She is polite to everyone, and it is hard to tell what she really thinks.

While not the physical type, and preferring to solve problems with her powers, Hanajima can be quite brave in the performance of her duties, and rarely ever complains when things go wrong or more is expected of her than she bargains for.

Hanajima is quietly very loyal to the Crown of Amber, but typically only expresses it when dealing with traitors and criminals.

Hanajima has no temper at all, but does sometimes levy judgement on fools with a sharp tongue, though always in her usual calm tone of voice.

Hanajima has been noted to warm up slightly in the presence of certain people; those of her generation can be inferred from the reaction list, but of the older generations, she seems to respond best to: Queen Anthy, King Tylor, Beowulf, Nausicaa, Ramon, and Corrine.

Hanajima is better with a sword than the average sorceress or castle guardsman, but is ripe wheat for the thresher of the true swords expert. While Hanajima can take a punch in the face from Nanami Minor and not fall down, she can't take two, and she's not very impressive in strength. Her mind, on the other hand, is quite potent. Only Yomiko is definitely stronger; it remains debatable as to whether Kaname, herself, or Kanako is stronger of mind.

She is quite adept in the powers of Broken Pattern, and has a mastery of the wind which is unmatched. Her magical skills are nothing to sneeze at. And it's rumored she can establish psychic contact with anything she can see, without requiring eye contact, magic, or flesh-to-flesh touch.

Hana-chan puts a lot of importance on the responsible use of power. This is what distinguishes a good witch from a bad witch, you see. And she's trying her best to be a good witch.

Reactions to others:

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Notable Items

She has a broom which she flies around on. Really.

She also has ruby slippers which take you places when you click the heels three times.

In-Game Developments

Hanajima recently helped uncover the Therinese Mason conspiracy and helped bring the Wind Dragon to Amber.

She has also helped hunt down the source of the recent assassination attempt on Keitaro. She has also acted as a bodyguard for Babyland.

Hanajima has gone on to become one of the sexy vampiress infiltrators of Uberwald. WHICH NEVER ENDS.

She has visited the Oracle of Adelphi and begun to collect the pieces of her soul.