House Harlock

House of Fanatical Serpent Worshippers


House Harlock was founded by one of the sons of the first Lord Helgram, centuries ago. It fought in the battle of the Courts and was lucky enough to avoid being blown to bits by Hiko.

House Harlock has an odd tradition: each new Duke takes the name of Harlock for his own and the traditional forms used by the original Harlock; their saying is that 'Duke Harlock never dies'. Thus, on the death of Harlock X during the Battle of the Courts on the Day of the Dead, Andronicus' father, Harlock XI took the throne of House Harlock and assumed his father's standard forms. His nimble politicals skills and absorption of the remains of House Helgram, he won Great House Status for his house. Twenty three years ago, however, he fumbled the use of Primal Chaos and vaporized himself.

Lord Harlock

Harlock XII [Andronicus]

"Duke Harlock never dies. Or gets any smarter."

- Balin

Duke Harlock is a cranky, cranky man, who basically blames Amber for everything that has ever gone wrong, ever. He could care less about Arcadia, but he dislikes Amber greatly. They killed his grandfather, they flouridated the rivers, they killed Kennedy. He is not a nimble politician, but is instead a 'balls to the wall, my way or the highway' sort of guy, which has made House Harlock politically isolated of late.

He really, really hates Captain Demetrius and Vaprak.

He is, however, a brilliant sorceror and Logrus Master of great skill, who can summon Primal Chaos without blowing himself up.

Normal Form
A huge orange scaled humanoid with pink eyes, a long segmented tail, and huge bird wings.
Human Form
An old man in a tight white shirt, black trousers, and black and red coat, with a scar across the right side of his face and long white hair that tends to hang down over one side of his face. He is fairly tall.
Elemental Form
A cube of darkness.

House Aptitudes

Harlock is a house of sorcerors, conjurors, and logrus masters. While competent at warfare, they are not noted for that.

They were once very good at hating House Nurgal, who they had a feud with, but these days, they usually just mock its shattered remains.

House Geography

A huge floating duodecahedron in a starry void. Access comes through the ways running to other shadows. One needs a way to fly to get around the ways. Guardian: A sentient void that tries to shove people into the Abyss.

Notable Harlocks and Residents of Harlockways


Normal Form: A huge orange scaled humanoid with green eyes, a long segmented tail ending in a solid knob, and huge bird wings. Human Form: A young man with short brown hair, dressed in noble garb in black and blue. Tall and thin with weathered hands. Elemental Form: A miniature logrus.

He is an intelligent young man, the heir to the throne, who squabbles constantly with his domineering wife Daria. He is a scholar and sorceror of some repute.


Deceased son of Harlock and Laria; he was eaten by Vaprak on the Day of the Dead. His father mourns him very showily every year on that day.

Laria, Wife of Harlock

Normal Form: Jabba the Hutt's sister. Human Form: A hugely fat woman with elaborately coiffed black hair, dusky skin, soft blue eyes, and lacquered fingernails in blues and blacks. Elemental Form: A congerie of spheres

Laria is a pleasant woman if she likes you, a harridan if she doesn't. A shifter and logrus master of great skill, she is one of the few survivors of House Alars.


Normal Form: A huge orange scaled spider with a human head. Human Form: A young man with short brown hair and a pronounced nose, dressed in noble garb in green and red. Short and squat, creepy to look at Elemental Form: A crystalline web

Q was born as Kwamesa, but since walking the Logrus, he insists on being called Q. He seems permanently unbalanced, spending his time with his wife Lloth (of the former house Formorian) off in his shadow fortress which is a giant web. He is very strong and a conjuror of great skill. He's known to get along poorly with his elder brother Donald and with his own children.


Normal Form: A huge orange scaled female humanoid with pink eyes, a long segmented tail ending in a stinger, and huge bird wings. It looks a bit flabby. Human Form: A beautiful young woman with pink eyes, long blue hair, and a voluptuous figure. She typically wears fairly heavy clothing. Elemental Form: A dove made of lightning

She is a cheerful, flirtatious young woman who spends most of her time chasing man after man, then discarding them when they bore her. The rest of her time is spent being Marshal of Harlock, as she's a fairly competent military leader. Certain rumors claim she has a great desire to seduce Drake. It is known that Drake's wife Xena once ripped off Shalya's right leg and stuffed it down her throat, but that was years ago.

Allies and Subordinate Houses