Haru, Philosophical Pattern Master and Swordsman

"Can't you hear it? It's coming."


"Poised motionless on one bank of a swiftly flowing mountain stream, he held a glittering katana, blade extended in a perfect center guard position, paused in the middle of some ritual kata. His clothing was simple, white with gold and lavender tracings. Aside from darker skin and flowing, thigh-length, pale lavender hair, at first glance he could have been Prince Touga. Around him was a thick emerald forest, filled with a gentle mist, droplets of dew covering everything. The earth beneath his feet bore the marks of his movements, tracing out the design of the Pattern. The trump itself seemed to exude a calm serenity."

--Kiyoharu's Trump


Born the slightly older of the twin children of Touga and Suu in 1359, he spent his early years shuttling between Amber and Chaos. At age 14, he was sent to Ohtori, but did poorly, though studying with Naru helped. Finally, at age 16, he dropped out, walked the Pattern, and vanished into Shadow.

He returned four years later, with an interest in Philosophy, studying under Naru and Juri. On Juri's advice, he entered the HCWA in 1383. As with Ohtori, he initially performs well but not spectacularly, then begins to slide during his third year, when he almost flunks out. However, his distraction seems to be Glory Road, which he spends a great deal of time studying. Fourth year, he buckles down again, and the skills he's acquired in his trips across Glory Road allow him to regain lost ground and then some. He rapidly shoots into the top 10% of the class by graduation time.

1387-1391 Haru serves with surprisingly little distinction in the Amber Army in the Second Melnibonean War. His unit sees some of the most intense action of the war and suffers tremendous attrition, among the worst in all of Amber's forces. By the end of the war he's become bitter and withdrawn.

1391-1399 Having forcefully and vehemently declined to re-enlist in the army after mustering out at the end of the war, Haru vanishes into Shadow to again obsessively study the Glory Road. While he spends lots of time watching battles, he seems to be more interested in the Road itself, as an unusual shadow phenomenon.

1399-1418 Haru returns from Shadow and begins studying with all of the family Pattern experts. He starts with Juri, followed by Nanami, Wakaba, Tylor and finally Drake. Those who know him closely report that he seems much calmer and more focussed than previously.

1418 Haru finally approaches Fuyutsuki about the Pattern. The conversation is very brief. Shortly thereafter, Haru puts himself into a coma for almost two weeks by walking all 5 elemental Patterns back to back. When he finally awakens, he's undergone a further shift in persona, now nearly completely at peace with himself.

1429 After the opening shots of the latest round of Kozue/Nanami sniping, Haru finds himself drawn in to Nanami's side, to the vague astonishment of many. Kozue accuses Nanami of trying to use Touga's son as a sextoy to get back at Touga. Touga and Haru are mostly bemused, while Nanami nearly blows a gasket. However, Touga disappears with both Kozue and Nanami for three days, and when all return, the social jihad has ended.

Personality and Aptitudes

Balance and form, all things in their place. That is the essence of Haru's philosophy, so far as all of you can tell. He seems greatly concerned with controlling his emotions and balancing himself mentally, physically, emotionally, and spiritually. This is coupled with a deep interest in the mysteries of the Pattern. Indeed, he has mastered the Pattern to a degree beyond that of many of his elders, let alone his own generation.

Haru is a skillful general, roughly on a level with Melissa and Sousuke, though they're probably a little better. While not incompetent with a sword, he's no great shakes either. Physically, he's not very potent, though he doesn't tire too quickly. Mentally, he's fairly strong, roughly on a par with Akari and Telemain.

Haru works closely with his father, and seems especially close to Juri and Naru. Especially Naru, as there's some reason to believe they may be lovers. He seems to have a great admiration for Tylor and Yuriko, and seems faintly baffled by the Triumvirate and the Quartet. He seems rather uncomfortable around Gabrielle and Nagisa, though they both seem to like him. He and Nanami have moved closer together in recent years. Having suffered several bouts of Wasyuu experiments, he seems to fear Wasyuu somewhat. He is very not fond of Kozue.

Reactions to others:

Notable Items

Haru is known to possess a relatively recently acquired magical ring which seems able to sense danger and to help dispel magics.

In-Game Developments

Haru has headed into Shadow with Naru and Nagisa to start eliminating Shinobu Major and Kozue's various plots.