House Helgram

Serpent-Worshipping Fanatics


House Helgram was badly mauled by the Wrack. They lost many people, their armies were smashed, an Abyssal incursion led by the renegade Cydno briefly took over Helgramways and did even more damage, at least one of their Minor Houses is in revolt, and their reputation has suffered somewhat due to Suzuka. They are no longer one of the great military powers of Chaos, although they haven't been reduced to the impotence of an Olympus or Aesir either.

On the other hand, their leader, Lord Loewen, was one of only three house leaders to survive the Wrack, they possess three of Chaos's finest generals in Nanbara, Melissa, and Sousuke, they can call upon heavy amounts of Amberite aid (and have), and Sousuke and Nanbara have recently done deeds which have gone some way towards redeeming the reputation of the house.

Lord Helgram

Lord Loewen has his own page, which can be found here.

House Aptitudes

House Geography

Notable Helgramites and Residents of Helgramways

Anji, ex-priest and martial artist

Died in the Logruswrack
A large, strong man, he was gentle behind a gruff exterior, an ex-priest who was one of the foremost unarmed warriors of Chaos.

Cho, big mouthed warrior

Died in the Logruswrack
He had a big mouth, and only some skills to back it up, though he was a fairly effective warrior. He's Kurz's father, and was as much of a friend of Corey's as anyone is capable of being.

Hoji, Lord High Chamberlain

A brilliant manager and accountant, Hoji runs the day to day affairs of House Helgram with great skill. Many are jealous of his his marriage to the idol singer Mataka Fillmore.

Hotaru, Sorceress and Daughter of Tomoe

Dr. Tomoe's daughter Hotaru has grown up to be a fairly effective war sorceress, armed with a very deadly glaive she found in Shadow. She is friendly, but somewhat shy and withdrawn. She is one of the newer Ten Swords, recruited after the loss of several on the Day of Darkness.

Kanako, Ghost-Daughter of Lord Loewen

Died in the Logruswrack

Kanako is somewhat of a Schrodinger's Corpse of Helgram, as she seems to have died, become a house, died again, and come back to life as a rather shinier (if still snarky) assistant to Anno.

Kurz, son of Cho, ex-idol warrior

Mataka Fillmore

Daughter of Millard Fillmore and pop singer, she is also a very skillful warrior and looks rather like Princess Motoko. On the Day of the Dead, that was exploited to use her as a decoy. She is married to Hoji and is Melissa's mother.

Melissa Fillmore, warrior and Sousuke's brain, designated martyr

Nanbara, Son of Loewen and Motoko

Sousuke, Heir to Helgram

Suzuka, Manifested-Ghost Daughter of Lord Loewen

Dr. Tomoe, sorceror and logrus master

A little creepy and withdrawn, he is a very skillful Logrus Master, Sorceror and Conjurer.

Usui, Trump Turtle

Died in the Logruswrack
Proud and blind, Usui was known to plot against Lord Loewen, but Loewen kept him in retainer anyway, apparently trusting he was more useful that way. Usui was a trump master of great skill and also a fairly good fighter. Unless he somehow engineered Suzuka, Usui's vengeance never came off.

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