House Hendrake

Royal House, House of Soldiers


Lord Hendrake

Died in the Logruswrack

King Ishmael, Duke Hendrake, had led the house from its creation. He was a wily man, fully espousing the idea that war is politics by other means, and that politics is war by other means. His ability to get his enemies to self-destruct was well known by all.

While he sometimes squabbled with his wife Laura, he was known to be quite devoted to her. He doted on his youngest daughter Azalyn, and was extremely over-protective of her due to the fact that all of her siblings have died over the years.

King Ishmael finally met his end as a result of the Logruswrack, like so many of the mighty of Chaos.

House Aptitudes

Hendrake had the strongest army in Chaos of any of the Houses. Combined with the Royal Forces, this gave King Ishmael a very powerful core force for any military exercises. Their officer training academy is top-notch, and students come from all over Chaos to study there.

Hendrake produces excellent soldiers; there are a fair number of people who can fight better one-on-one in Chaos, but in battles involving appreciable numbers, Hendrake's discipline and tactical skill will tend to carry the day.

A mine of the Pattern-and-Logrus-resistant Tre-Stone is located on a highly-valued Hendrake holding, and produces a great deal of the material every year.

The house's main weakness lay in Logrus and Sorcery, neither of which the house has shown great promise in. This is not to say that there are no wielders of either art within Hendrake; just that they were not found in the quantity or skill of the rest of the great houses of Chaos. This may have permanently changed due to most of the great Logrus masters of Chaos having all died in the Wrack.

The Logruswrack devastated Hendrake's forces; while their younger officer corps is still top-notch, House Suroth has surpassed them as military juggernaut due to sheer weight of surviving numbers of powerful house members and rank-and-file troops.

House Geography

Hendrakeways sits Spinward of the Courts of Chaos, along the Spinward Highway. It was first built as a fortress to protect that highway, and it has since grown to be the fortress of which all others are but shadows, with ten defensive walls, flaming moats, perpetual lightning storms, and every other defense that Logrus can buy.

Inside, endless hallways stretch in all directions, each section able to be sealed off from the 'bridge'. Vast caverns and dungeons provide additional space below it.

Notable Hendrakes and Residents of Hendrakeways


King Ishmael's only surviving Child. A young, somewhat impetuous red-haired beauty, she is only sixteen, but is already a skillful fighter and a sorceress. She was somewhat sheltered due to having been protected too much from the outside world. This is quickly changing as she attempts to claim the Throne of Chaos with a large but ragtag coalition of Houses.


Slain by Fate Shizumaru in his first appearance. ^^;;;
An orange-scaled Serpent-Man, he was the new High Chaplain of the Serpent of Hendrake.


One of Ishmael's great-great-grandchildren, she is the Jurist of Hendrake; the position commonly given to the judge and mediator of Hendrake internal disputes. She is very good at soothing tensions and negotiating peace between disputants.


Died in the Logruswrack
Armsmaster of Hendrake, Gawain was possibly the deadliest blade in Chaos, having beaten Lord Loewen and Princess Moonshade in duels. A gruff, older Lord of Chaos who oversaw the weapons training for most of the prominient figures of Hendrake. Gawain and Gilva were the two people who most commonly carry Hendrake's Logrusfoil.


Died in the Logruswrack
Former General of the Hellmaidens, Former Marshal of Hendrake, she had risen before her death to serve as Marshal of Chaos, commander of its armies. She was a friendly, firm leader with a knack for tactical innovation and was friendly to Amber. She was known to admire Drake and many suspect she would have tried to seduce him if he wasn't married. Gawain and Gilva are the two people who most commonly carried Hendrake's Logrusfoil. She died in the Logruswrack, fighting Yog-Sothoth.


One of the leading lights of the younger generation, and one of the best swordsmen in the house. Now probably THE best. She was Captain of the Redsky Watch, the elite guard of Hendrake, and looks on track to lead Hendrake. She is descended from Ishmael's third son. She was the last known bearer of the House Logrusfoil.


Died in the Logruswrack
High Chaplain of the Serpent, the highest religious authority in the house. Also the house expert on the Logrus. He has a great distaste for House Helgram, who he sees as trying to act as if the Serpent loves them above all others. Torg survived the Wrack itself only to be murdered by Fate Random in her attempt on Azalyn.

Allies and Subordinate Houses