The Logrusfoil of House Danaani, Hope was long lost. As the blade of Art and Craft, Hope boosts the wielder's creativity and gives them a keen insight into finding flaws in things, in order to improve them.

Some believed it was squirreled away in a deathtrap for a long time. Recently, the blade has changed hands a number of times. First in the hands of the Chaosian Assassin Oiram, the blade was taken by Twilight, a Fate Pattern duplicate of Suzuka, along with Nurgal's blade Thought. Captain Special Agent Tomos relieved Twilight of both blades during her attempt on Princess Azalyn of Hendrake shortly after Logruswrack, and was able to retrieve Hope before Primal Chaos consumed the area. He then used the blade to assist in the rebuilding of Gainax and the forging of new chains for the escape Fenris Wolf which plagues House Vanir. It is unclear if Tomos intended to keep the blade permanently or return it to House Danaani, perhaps via Kuonji. It is also currently moot, as the blade was taken from his mangled body by Fate-Kaname during a throwdown in Al-Rassan. It was briefly held by her, taken from her by Chloe, and is currently in the keeping of Asuka. It is unclear whether it will stay in her hands or move on yet again.