Schrodinger's Character

o/~ Do you ever think back
to another time?
Did it bring you so down that
you thought you'd lost your mind?
Do you ever wanna leave a long trail of destruction
and mow down any bullshit that confronts you? o/~

"When I first knew her, she was a dancer. She'd leap (confidently) knowing that, should she fall, it would be into the arms of her partner."


"When I was little, I used to play with a pack of dead trumps. Grandfather Fuyutsuki gave them to me long ago after I kept badgering him for a deck. I didn't know anyone on them and they never worked, although they were cold and durable like real trumps. Many years later, when I had occasion to mention them in front of Father, he told me that Fuyutsuki had drawn them during a fit of instability, and that the people on them had been dead for centuries. I tried to find out more, but he clammed up.

I think Grandfather gave me them because dead trumps were, obviously, ones I couldn't use to bother people with or get myself into trouble with. And I think he also gave them to me because he didn't want them around and dwelling on his mind, but didn't have the heart to destroy them.

The one I remember most was a tall woman, taller than me, at least seven feet and lanky like a wiry beanstalk. She was dressed in a white lab coat over a blue shirt with a high collar and black slacks; there was some sort of red-pink insignia on the coat that I couldn't make out. There was a pair of tinted glasses tucked into one pocket. She was leaning on a rail in front of a glass wall that was holding back a murky blue liquid with indistinct shapes in it, holding a clipboard, and looking out at me. She had gorgeous black hair, long and curly. I had Mother do mine just like it. I was fascinated by the way she was looking at me, by the sharp, lazy features, by the way it made me feel... I really wanted a woman to look at me like that, especially as I entered my teens. I suppose I used to look at Random with the exact same expression. I don't know who she was. I don't think asking Grandfather would be wise. She's dead now anyway, and has been for a long, long time."

-- Juri of Amber


Ancient history. Hurin was the daughter of Turin, who in turn was the daughter of Fuyutsuki, long before the Pattern. She was a scientist and researcher, specializing in biological and dimensional sciences. At one point she apparently worked with her grandfather on the project that produced the Pattern, but turned against him for unknown reasons. She is presumed to have died in the Fall.

...except that the Hurin of the WotD/Arcadiaverse? apparently found a way to survive, and is currently awaiting revival. Which makes one wonder about her Amber version.

Wu-Hurin appears strong and fast enough to go three rounds with Ramon. It is unclear what other skills she might have.