Warrior Hussy

Motoko points at Gabrielle. "You... you... you're dressed like some kind of warrior HUSSY!"
Gabrielle the Blue looks over at Motoko. "I am not a Hessian! I'm a Valkyrie!"
- Motoko responds calmly and rationally to Shinobu Minor's new look

Your standard fantasy novel cover female barbarian warrior type, complete with chainmail bikini (or similar skimpy outfit) and large weapon, following the anime/fantasy rule that the less clothing a woman wears, the more she is either:

(It can be noted for fairness' sake that the same rule basically applies to male heroes too, such as Conan or Bili the Axe. However, anyone drawn by Boris Vallejo is exempted from this rule, as he would probably draw the Virgin Mary nigh-naked and built like a Playboy Bunny.)

Shinobu Minor, since her flight to Chaos, seems to have jumped full-bore into the Warrior Hussy category, while Utena's period as a Warrior Hussy during her trip to the Discworld seems to have been only a passing phase.