Queen Jacqueline Tenjou of Arcadia

Newest Member of the Pattern Drawer's Club

The daughter of Ota Tenjou and Kasumi Tendo. Before the herald crisis, she was soft spoken, shy, and very uncomfortable in large social affairs. She was rather friendly and very gentle once you got to know her, though she always had an air of sadness around her.

With her father often absent, Jacqueline was influenced largely by those in the castle, which usually meant she interacted with many magic users, those of the family and the staff, and as a result she has picked up some skills. However, after accidentally sinking a large portion of her Aunt Kozue's fleet, including the boat Kozue was in, the opinion of the family regarding any further magical education is mixed. Her father generally facepalmed and broke out the painkillers whenever the topic of magic and Jacqueline came up.

She disappeared as a child and was missing for twenty years, but was found again in a slowtime shadow. The royal family does not comment on this.

The death of her father at the hands of her brother Taylor was a terrible trauma to her, and while time has helped ease her pain, it is still a subject that brings her great discomfort.

Her relationship with her family is largely a good one, as she really does put effort into being nice to her aunts, uncles and cousins. She is very good friends with her cousin Shinobu, who many say are almost like sisters in their behaviour. She's also known to be on very good terms with Duchess Yumi, who is Jacqueline's godmother and instructor in all things magic. Her father's construct, Morganstern (otherwise known as the Notorious Mo G, Snoop Mo, and Morgansteinz) is like a deranged, wacky uncle to her. She is generally fearful of her Aunt Kozue, who openly loathes Jacqueline and still hasn't forgiven her for the Fleet Sinking Incident, and will flee at the very sight of her. Her relationship with her mothers has been strained since they took up with Fuyutsuki. She is on fairly good terms with Prince Ramon, who often acts as if he was her own father, and Princess Keiko, his wife.

Jacqui is both the most disaster-prone and most able to bounce back from catastrophe member of her generation.

Jacqui has become the Pattern-Drawer of the universe of Arcadia, and is part of the Triumvirate which rules it, along with her spouses, Thoric and Mutsumi. Rumor has it that she has created an army of clones of herself to assist herself in performing her duties, or perhaps all of her Patternknights are aspects of herself. Still, she seems very happy and cheerful as long as her father's death or the Logrus aren't mentioned. Her position in the 'Jacquiverse' has prevented her having much interaction with many of the current generation, though Princess Kaname is known to have come to the Jacquiverse and trained with her and Mutsumi and Thoric. (As is the wont with such things, many rumors claim she shared their bed as well, but this is usually discounted just like the rumors that the Triumvirate and Motoko's Quartet get together every year for a giant magical orgy).

Jacqui seems a little overwhelmed by everything which has happened, but now seems to be pressing again for marrying the Triumvirate and the Quartet to each other in order to 'do the honorable thing since Motoko got Thorica pregnant'.

Jacqui and her spouses helped defeat an attack by Wu-Sakura's forces on Castle Amber recently.


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