House Jesby

Sea-Going Merchants


David, fourth son of King Dios, and elder child of the two borne by Queen Moiraine, was born into an exciting age of the exploration of Shadow. He took to it with a will, quickly mastering the art of sailing, and going forth to explore Shadow's many seas. He soon developed a strong rivalry with his younger brother, Rehoboam. In time, he gathered a great fleet to serve him, and built a great base at Jesby Bay.

With time, his followers came to be known as House Jesby. They continue to be great explorers of Shadow. They also developed a massive rivalry with House Darios, fighting many wars over the years.

During the Herald Crisis, House Jesby engaged Wu-House Jesby and successfully fought them to a standstill.

Jesby continued to prosper and was closely allied to Helgram and Danaani. They faced civil war in the wake of the Logruswrack, but intervention on the part of Shiorien squelched this before it could really flare. Lord Nelson has taken the leadership, and has focused his efforts on rebuilding and taking advantage of House Darios' somewhat longer succession squabbles. It remains to be seen how the succession crisis will affect their Danaani ties.

Lord Jesby

Died in the Logruswrack
Perri the Swift led Jesby for nearly three centuries (since 1156 AY). She was a friendly woman and a very skillful naval leader, full of energy and exuberance. She was not on very good terms with several of her children, as some of them were getting rather impatient with waiting for a shot at the throne. This seemed to weigh on her heavily before her death.

Her consort was a quiet, thoughtful man named Niko, originally of House Hellas. (Perri's first husband, Thallok, was of House Formorian. He foolishly challenged one of her uncles to a duel and got himself killed after two years of marriage.)

House Aptitudes

House Jesby is noted for making boats, for exploration of shadow, and for its skills at naval combat. Jesby also excells at boat racing.

House Geography

Jesbyways is a long crescent shaped island, surrounded by a maze of coral reefs, small islands, ever moving mists, and sargassos. The island rises to high hills along its spine, from which rivers run down to many bays and harbors. A particularly fine one is Jesby harbour, home to the main palace of House Jesby.

The palace itself is a great cross-shaped, eight story building, with small ponds in each of the four angles, often used by the children of the House for model boat races.

Notable Jesbians and Residents of Jesbyways

Lord Alfred

Lord Alfred is Lord Perri's younger brother, a noted naval theorist, who believes naval power is the key to anything. It is a wonder that he doesn't try to use boats to put butter on his toast.

Lord Junker

Died in the Logruswrack
Lord Junker was the youngest of Perri's surviving siblings; he had been in exile for centuries ever since he killed her first husband in a duel. His current activities are a matter of theological speculation, as he died in the Wrack.

Lord Nancy

The eldest of Lord Perri's children, she is currently in a cell for having twice plotted against her brother, Lord Nelson. She is rather a flirt, but very much a person who uses men, then throws them away. She is also a very skillful naval commander.

Lord Nelson

Lord Nelson is a noted naval mage, and a fair hand at naval combat. He is very relentless, to an often annoying degree, and has a bit of a tendency to become very fixated on his goals. He is noted for often forgetting to sleep. He is the second of Lord Perri's children.

Nelson has become Lord Jesby in the wake of the Logruswrack.

Lord Susan

Also in a cell, Lord Susan is fourth child to Lord Perri; she is a very shy and cautious woman who foolishly plotted with her sister against Lord Nelson. Twice. Apparently she wasn't that cautious after all. She is a very skilled trump artist.

Lord Terrance

A skillful logrus master, and a quite skillful but cautious naval commander, Lord Terrance is Perri's third child, recently returned from exile after a rather brutal duel some years ago, in which he beat a man who had taken asylum in House Jesby to the verge of death, after losing his girlfriend to the man.

Allies and Subordinate Houses