Daughter of the Logrus and Assistant Keeper of the Logrus of New Chaos

"Lord Drake, I assure you that I did not make up the necessity of learning to shapeshift before you attempt to walk the Logrus any more than you created the requirement that someone possess the appropriate blood to walk the Pattern." (pause) "The Jewel of Judgement is hardly mine to hand out, Lord Drake." (pause) "I'm sure the Bride of the Jewel would be happy to discuss the matter with you, Lord Drake." (pause) "I'm afraid I know little of the Pattern, Lord Drake." (pause) "I spent the Day of the Dead trying to learn how to crawl, Lord Drake." (pause) "I understand it's in your bloodline from your mother, Lord Drake." (pause) "I'm merely saying what I was taught." (pause) "If you really want to challenge the Logrus to a duel, I'm sure that can be arranged, Lord Drake." (pause) "I'm sure I'll be hearing from you later. Good day." (one end of a trump conversation)


"Dark skinned and pale haired (except for the single forelock of green hair), she took more after her father than her mother in appearance (thankfully). A silver tiara with a red gem that contained some black, squiggly thing held back her long bangs. Clad in simple white robes, she stared off to the left at something out of sight, instead of at the viewer. A network of Logrus tendrils floated all around her, performing tasks from reading to writing to forming into musical notes which floated in the air. She seemed only half aware of their activities."


Born in 1332, Jewel was the daughter of Princess Jacqueline Tenjou and the Logrus. As in the Sigil of Chaos. Having previously only given birth to hideous monsters, the Logrus was overjoyed to have a perfect daughter. Jacqueline was somewhat less overjoyed, but set out to try to be a good father/mother to Jewel. Unfortunately, the Logrus wanted Jacqueline to dump Mutsumi and Thoric like a rock (understandably enough). The issue remained unsettled when Jacqueline fissioned, and one of her selves, Jack, came to live with the Logrus and raise Jewel.

Jewel had very little contact with her mother's other selves, though Jacqui made periodic visits (usually bringing Mutsumi and Thoric to stay at the Amberite Embassy in Chaos while she made the visit).

Little is known of Jewel's youth, although she seems to have walked the Logrus at the age of 15, in 1347.

1374 AY: Valentine's Day, aka The Night of Death by a Thousand Kisses (Arcadia): Thoric finds Jacqui, Dr. Jacqueline, The Bride of the Jewel, The Hostess, and Mutsumi all waiting for him, wanting to have a romantic evening with him. Without a mob. Just as Thoric calms everyone down, the Sign of the Logrus shows up, with Jack trying desperately to restrain it. It is drunk and bitter, and has been watching movies about romantic suicide.

The result is a humongous riot, which only ends when Jewel makes her first appearance in Arcadia, and shows everyone that Morgenstern has been broadcasting the entire thing on Pay-Per-Trump. They all team up to kick Morgenstern's ass and force him to listen to Abba until High Summer.

Jewel seemed to play a role in Random's decision to become a Stylite in 1376, and seemed disappointed when Random left the order.

Having mastered the arts of Logrus, Jewel became Assistant Keeper of the Logrus in New Chaos in 1401, after the previous Assistant Keeper attempted to help release an Abyss Master from the Abyss.


Jewel is a quiet and shy woman most of the time, although when sufficiently pushed by stupid people, she begins sliding into veiled sarcasm and becomes generally unhelpful. She seems to have very large amounts of patience, however.

Jewel has a beautiful singing voice, but seems to prefer to listen to music; in fact, she is always accompanied by music, which often seems to form a sort of soundtrack commenting on events around her. One of the few forms of public appearances Jewel makes which don't relate to her Logrus duties is to appear at Random and Shiori's concerts.

Jewel's potent will is linked with massively puissant skills with the Logrus. She also seems to have vast amounts of endurance, though she rarely seems to need it.

Most of the time, Jewel seems a little sad and wistful, though she notably brightens up in the company of Jack, Jacqui, Random, Shiori, the Sign of the Logrus, or when attending any sort of musical performance.

Jewel really, really hates Mavros, the High Priest of the Serpent. He seems to like her, though (or perhaps is just amused by her).


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Jewel typically wears a tiara with a red jewel set in it, within which the Logrus floats, constantly changing.

In-Game Development

Came to the Catala-Helgram Ball, where she and Kurz seem to have had a tryst.

Jewel was revealed to have been turned into a pawn of Galatea, but was saved by Chloe, Sousuke, and their friends.