Ambassador of Amber to Ember

The abyss reaches out for you
but it cannot claim you
unless you open your heart
to the darkness
you must ride the whirlwind
and trust in others
as you have not before
for some tasks
are too much
for a single soul
-- From the Prophecies of the Serpent

Since the Herald Crisis, Juri has served as first Marshal of Rebma, then as Ambassador to Ember. She seems to have gradually found some peace, as the circumstances of her return to Amber were fraught with Tragedy (the dying out of her family).

Juri is known to have visited Arcadia with Random recently, and then to have fallen prey to Nemuro Hall along with Random. She seems very shaken up and guilty by her part in all that.

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Historical Notes

There is some reason to believe that Haruka's five children, if they had all lived to maturity, might have become the Children of the Elements of that era, with Juri as the Child of Metal, but this did not come to pass. Juri's affinity for that Element in the arts of war was extremely noteable, given her service to Amber for several long terms as Marshal. She was a sharp, strong, blade forged in the fires of adversity, though she seems a little softer of late.