Kanako, Many-Faced Daughter of Motoko and Loewen. (Dead)

o/~ Woke up in an awful state
Dreamt I was at Peter's Gate
Beggin' for his mercy
And the crimes that were at hand
He told me he was much amused
To see this life I had abused
Best be on your way but have a drink before you go o/~



"The building was... strange. Not greyscale, but not as it should be either; Nemuro Hall was drab and gothic on the outside, but was not this dirty, bone-colored edifice with ugly, staring windows inked in reddish-brown. They seemed to bleed around the edges, and I wondered at the license the artist had taken; especially in the foreground, where Kanako, arms bare, looked sadly at me over her shoulder; she was fuzzed into blurriness, and held herself strangely. The card made me uneasy to look at, or even hold. "


Kanako, along with her twin brother Nanbara, was born in the aftermath of the holy ritual of the Sacred Flame which healed Loewen of his horrible, life-threatening burns.

A restive, quiet, and disturbing child, she was very easily distracted in her early youth, thought this problem cleared up over time after a few incidents of some concern. This was followed by an incident of even GREATER concern, when she wandered off and walked the Logrus at the age of nine.

What followed was a long, involved, and arduous formal education; Kanako was packed off to Ohtori two years before one normally attends (as much to curtail her Logrus use as anything else) followed by an extended tenure (including some postgraduate work) at the Great School of Magic. During this period both her shapeshifting talents and her predilection for impersonating others surfaced, as she spent most of her freshman year at the GSOM joining forces with Deirdre to utterly screw with Miroku's head. She also somewhat co-opted Mitsune's Abyss Kitten, Blackie, who became her regular companion. Whether Blackie actually talks or Kanako is merely good at ventriloquism remains unknown.

Upon her return to Chaos, Kanako poured herself into training with Anno, Keeper of the Logrus, and others, perfecting her Logrus and Shapeshift skills to an amazing degree. She also established herself as one of the most skilled imitators to ever come out of Chaos; her year as Random, in particular, is spoken of in quiet awe. Her tutors in House Suroth were very impressed.

Kanako also became very, very close with Yomiko at this time, the two of them and Blackie often seen in each others company. She was not amused with Miroku after the 'Yomiko the Librarian Hussy' incident.

Kanako returned to Amber with Yomiko in the early fourteen-hundreds, spending a decade there with her relations.

It was recently revealed that the Cave of Worlds tried to eat her in 1415, leading to her seventeen-year absence from the universe in general. The cause of this remains unknown.

Kanako is currently lacking a conventional body, having been sucked into Nemuro Hall (now 'Kanako Hall') following a series of blunders and missteps on the part of herself and many others. She is currently seeking a new meatsack while resorting to friends and agents to manage her business in the wider world.

Due to the Logruswrack, Kanako is now completely dead. Her soul spent a short, unpleasant stint in the hands of the Outsiders, having been taken by them after her death during the 'wrack. However, thanks to the labors of her sister Suzuka and her cousins Random and Akari and many, many other people, her soul has been rescued and passed on to the Halls of Mandos.

Personality and Aptitudes

Kanako presents a somewhat bitter, sarcastc face to the outside world; while she generally presents the same icy exterior as Hanajima, she betrays a greater range of facial expresions and tones of voice than the Good Witch, especially when angry, annoyed, or amused. It generally takes Blackie or Yomiko to make her genuinely smile, though Deirdre can do it as well, and Nanbara often amuses her to the point she can't help it (she denies this.)

If it's done with the Logrus or involves the mind and aura aspects of shapeshift, Kanako is very, very good at it. She also has demonstrated an efficacy for using magic to back up her skills with the Logrus. Her mind is quite potent, only definitively outclassed in her generation by Yomiko's, though she is unlikely to go head-to-head with Kaname or Hanajima anytime soon. Her unarmed fighting abilities are respectable, though nowhere near the levels of people such as Minor or Uotani, and it's unwise to hand her a sword unless things have gotten desperate.

Kanako does not get along with many people, needless to say, though she's on particularly poor terms with her brother, Nanbara. The term 'sibling rivalry' would be quite accurate if they actually deigned to compete with each other at anything. She has also been on particularly poor terms with Davros for quite some time, and is slightly closer to her father than her mother, though this may rapidly change given Loewen's recent decision to arrange a marriage for her coupled with her current unfortunate incarceration within a Construct. Her relationship with Suzuka is currently in flux as they both adapt to new roles, and she gets along tolerably well with her pseudo-siblings, especially Deirdre, who she makes somethig of an effort to get along with.

Her opinions on the Quartet and Triumvirate, if she has any, remain unknown to any but herself.

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Notable Items

Kanako doesn't have any items of especial note aside from an array of ribbons and bells she racks spells in, which she ties on her clothing and on Blackie. Oh, and she's a building now.