Kaname, Crown Princess of Rebma and Trump Magus

"That's my breast, you moron!" (punch ensues)

"Strong and proud, she stood upon the deck of a ship, concentrating on a trump as a rainbow shimmer surrounded her. Another ship could be seen far away, turning rainbow-colored and transparent. She smiled cheerfully as she focused her power, clad in an immaculately clean, though somewhat wrinkled Rebman naval uniform, which came complete with a Commodore's hat, from which long blue hair tumbled down. A sword hung on her right hip, a bag of trumps on her left. An enemy sailor lay prone before her, his jaw clearly out of whack, as two sailors dragged him away."


Born in 1343 to King Miki and Queen Madoka of Rebma, Kaname grew up being instructed in the arts of Trump, Rulership, and Music from an early age. In 1357, she was sent to the Court of Amber to live with Queen Yuriko and study the ways of Amber and of rulership. She spent six years studying magic, combat, and rulership with Anthy, Yumi, Naru, and Yuriko. Yuriko then encouraged her to enter the ACNA.

From 1363-7, she was in the ACNA, then graduated with distinction and became a Naval Mage Corps member for the next fifteen years, until 1382. She then returned to Rebma and helped build up its Naval Mage Corps. In 1387 AY, Miki decided to send Kaname down to Chaos to train with trump masters there. Specifically, Millard Fillmore. Kaname soon decides she is not too thrillled with this lunatic, but meets and befriends Kurz, Melissa, and Sousuke at this time. This eventually led to her involvement in Second Altamont, of which she won't speak. (Unless screaming counts.)

She spent the next few decades travelling about Shadow, perfecting her skills and returning to Rebma whenever her naval skills were needed.

From 1414-24 AY, Kaname goes to the Jacquiverse and delves into high mysteries of Trump with Mutsumi. She also beats up Ota Minor on a very regular basis. She is known to have become involved in a fair number of adventures with the Arcadian prince and princesses, Violet, and later Yomiko.

An attack on House Helgram in 1424 by an elite Melnibonean Dragon Rider corps is blunted when Melissa, Kurz, and Sousuke stage a desperate defense of the House (while most of its armies are off fighting in shadow), followed by Allen von Munchausen, Yomiko, Princess Asuka, and Princess Kaname popping out of nowhere and crushing the Melnibonean commander flat with Munchausen's flying gondola. The commander survives, only to be pulled apart by berserk swans. No, really.

She was decorated with honors by Lord Loewen after that. She's spent the last decade bopping back and forth between Chaos, Rebma, Amber, and Shadow.

Personality and Aptitudes

Kaname is basically sweet and kind, except when she's berserk. Fortunately, that's fairly rare if you don't fondle her, as she rarely gets mad for no reason at all.

From her parents, she has a love of music, and enjoys the lute, the saxaphone, and the piano. When very tense, she will go perform in order to relax, if she can. She also greatly enjoys softball.

Kaname tries very hard to put up a professional front and to act like a princess should, but she's not very good at it, as her temper often interferes. Still, she is a natural born leader, and tends to take charge in a crisis unless someone else is clearly more qualified or already in charge. She's very friendly and loyal to her friends, trying to help them out whenever she can.

She has a great love of the sea, and enjoys sailing and fishing as well.

Kaname is very potent in the arts of trump, and makes heavy use of it in her daily life, almost instinctively. She blends it with sorcery, at which she is very adept, as her mind is quite potent. This is a realm into which few have ever delved, and she's always excited to make a new breakthrough. Backed by her potent mind (only Yomiko is clearly stronger than her in this generation, though Hana-chan and Kanako may well match her), she can work remarkably potent effects. She is also a Pattern initiate, though she is not very impressive in that regard.

A decent leader of men, she is a poor swordswoman, but fairly strong, though she can't match the raw potency of Uotani, Kyou, Yuki, or Nanami Minor.

Kaname gets along fairly well with her parents, though her tendency to run off and vanish on adventures instead of staying home and helping rule sometimes aggravates them.

She is also known to be very fond of Mutsumi, Jacqui, and Thoric, especially Mutsumi.

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Notable Items

Kaname wears her Commodore's uniform and medals if there's the slightest excuse.

Kaname refuses to comment on the rumor she possesses a Dollhouse of Sexual Instruction +5. Therefore, it must be true.

In-Game Developments

Kaname has gotten stuck with the job of rooting Kozue's allies out of the Rebman navy. This does not please her.

Having finished this task, she assisted in barbequing and capturing Galatea.

She has since assisted in investigating Telemain's old laboratory, journeyed to the Primal Pattern, met another of herself, and is now helping to deal with the Helgram Crisis.

Kaname played a significant role in coordinating the rescue of Helgram, and has since teamed with Chloe and Suzuka to investigate Lemuria.

She is now believed to be preparing to go see Sousuke. Or Kyoko. Or both. HOT!