Special Agent of Ember and Occasional Regent

o/~"Walking like a man
hitting like a hammer
she's a juvenile scam.
Never was a quitter,
tasty like a raindrop,
She's got the look..." o/~
-- Roxette, Look Sharp!

Kanna is Corrine's first true daughter, which makes her the Crown Princess of Ember. She is quite possibly the biggest member of the family, a mountain of a woman who is most of the times cheerful and easygoing, preferring it to the alternative which would be brooding surliness. Her mood does not darken easily, save when injustice is encountered -- at which point she is more than willing to wade in and kick butt. Given her temperment and various skills, she acts as the Special Agent of Ember, serving as the Queen's eyes and ears across Reality and Shadow.

Kanna by her nature is a gregarious, outgoing individual with a strong thoughtful streak -- she prefers life to be uncomplicated, but is willing to have second thoughts and probe deeper into the mysteries that shape her world. She tends to be honest about her feelings, and expect others to be open and honest about them as well (save for those who are clearly up to no good, whom she tends to either ignore or lock up in jail).

If anything, Kanna's honesty about life is both her greatest strength and greatest flaw -- she has been burned or tricked on more than one occasion by those seeking to decieve her. However, as she is quick to point out, "Sometimes the only way to learn is to attend the School of Hard Knocks", and she is no longer so easily fooled as she was in her youth.

Kanna's love life has been practically mundane in comparison to the rest of the royal family's. She had a few flings when she was growing up in Amber and Ember, but nothing serious until the Herald Crisis, where the friendship she had with Captain Ruka Tsuchiya turned to Love. She also had an unexpected interest in Lian of Amber and Avalon, which was returned, that had developed over their various adventures during the Crisis, but Lian committed effective suicide in the Abyss before anything could come of it.

Kanna is strongly loyal to her immediate family and friends, and openly friendly to the rest of the family as well. She does not turn sour towards a person easily -- however, on the rare occasions this happens, it generally takes a long time for a person to get back into her good graces (if they even desire to make the effort to regain it).

Kanna is one of the more competant hand-to-hand fighters in the family; while perhaps no longer at the pinnacle of strength (that quality is reserved for Ramon, Nanami Minor, Uotani, etc), she is capable of balancing out her unarmed combat skills with a reasonable amount of tactical and armed combat acumen, which can make up the difference. She is also pretty damn tough -- she may not be as tough as Corey or Van, but she can usually last through a serious fight even with serious damage done to her. Just be sure to have a healer on hand immediately afterwards.

She has a great love of sports, especially basketball; she and Utena and Ramon and Tylor can often be found playing pickup games in the castle courtyard. She is a skilled dancer as well, despite her size, and to see Kanna and Ruka dancing together can take one's breath away.

Kanna's skills also extend beyond the physical. Although she is about average in the arts of the mind, Kanna is rather skilled in in advanced uses of the Pattern, refined over her travels over the years across Shadow for the crowns. She is a skilled painter, and various of her landscapes and portraits hang in the various castles and the Museum of Shadow, illustrating the events of the Herald Crisis and the decades following it. Despite her protestations to the contrary, Kanna is a pretty good leader and diplomat when she focusses on the issues at hand. Queen Corrine has been grooming her daughter for the leadership role, since she is the Crown Princess of Ember, and it shows.

Kanna used to actively pursue an interest in Geneology, though this has tapered off in recent years. While she still keeps in touch with various contacts, the current nigh-non-euclidean twists in the Royal Family's Family Tree sometimes causes her to twitch and wonder if it's really worth it...

Kanna Across the Campaigns

Kanna grew up primarily in Ember; however, she received signifigant training from Ramon and Utena in Amber, and served as a Ranger in Arden during her teenage years. Afterwards, she walked the Fire Pattern and began carrying out missions for Ember and Amber across Shadow.

During the Herald Crisis, Kanna fought in various missions to take down the Outsider Herald Candidates, their Constructs, and the plague of the Blood-Tylors with great success. She also played a key part in the defeat of the Serpent's Horn terrorist group at Daffyl's Tower, which led to Daffyl's healing and the capture of Eowyn.

Also during the Crisis, Kanna and Lian quested to Kadath beyond the Frozen Waste, breaking the siege that had been put in place that was sealing the Elder Gods away from the rest of the universe. She claimed the Knife as a reward for use in future missions, though didn't use it much as a weapon during the Crisis proper.

That honor was reserved for Beryllina, her signature weapon, forged under mysterious circumstances which Kanna refuses to discuss. Many suspect Yig somehow figures into its creation, but she neither confirms nor denies those rumors. It is a very potent blade, capable of changing into many shapes, and doing damage that Patternblades and Logrusfoils can but hope to match.

Kanna's association with weapons of power did not end there. She delivered Merehallow to Juri, after many side trips for the blade, in time for Hel's Invasion on the Day of the Dead.

On the Day of the Dead, Kanna defended Shamber's Flawed Pattern while Jacquiline drew Arcadia's new Primal Pattern, and then at the Keep of the Five Worlds she fought a holding action against Wu-Corrine and Wu-Juri until Hel's Primal Pattern was annihalated. Due to her actions, both Wu-Juri and Wu-Corrine were reunited with their souls after Hel's death at the hands of Juri.

Kanna married Ruka after the Herald Crisis, and had Shiori several months afterwards. She has been a good mother to her daughter, though her missions as Special Agent did not always allow her to be around full-time. Due to this, there are sometimes moments of disconnection that she regrets -- however, Ruka and Shiori's shared naval heritage helps to bridge those gaps.

Since the Crisis, she has continued to serve as Ember's Special Agent, though she served as Regent in Ember for several years while Corrine and Juri went on a cross-Shadow mission.

More recently, with several others Kanna has smacked down the Untouchable Trio (plus one) and aided Akari in her various Phoenix-Sponsored missions. She is now checking out the Lava Circle kingdoms for damage in the wake of the LogrusWrack?.

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