Katherine d'Medici, Mercenary Swordswoman and Water Elementalist

"In my experience, tails get in the way."


"As I gazed on the card, I felt a sense of the good humor of the woman upon whom I was looking. She smiled broadly as she shimmered on the verge of shapeshifting, but I could make out her long brown hair, tied back in a ponytail, and her large green eyes, which glinted with merryment. She dressed in black and gold this day, black pants and a gold tunic, and twin short swords hung at her hips. Just from her stance, I knew she was a woman to be reckoned with if you roused her to anger; but that was a force not easily unleashed."


Little is known of her history, except that she is an old friend (and probably old lover of Orien) and that she is from Sethfore. She would appear to be in roughly the same age cohort as the current generation.

Personality and Aptitudes

Katherine is a friendly, flirtatious woman with a fairly practical outlook on life, very loyal to her friends, but not much impressed with ideologies. Or with puritans.

She constantly seems a little baffled by the sheer level of danger she keeps getting herself into, but has loyally stuck by her companions through it all.

She is very adept in the use of her swords, having displayed skill on a par with Prince Corey or Prince Shizumaru. She is also fairly potent of mind and adept in the art of Water Elementalism, where she is roughly a match with Yuki of Frostspire in skill with water, though of moderately inferior mental strength.

She is also a shapeshifter of a fair amount of skill.

Reactions to others:

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Notable Items

Katherine favors twin short swords in combat.

Katherine has now acquired Tirya, a Unicorn Spikard, in Mystara.

In-Game Developments

Much of the details of her adventures are hidden in the mists surrounding Shiori and Orien, but it would appear she journeyed with them to Kadath, and was one of the four tasked with destroying the Three Eyes of the Violator. She also assisted Shiori in the trip into the Abyss to rescue Vash.

On her return, she went with Orien to Mystara, where she managed to lay her hands on Tirya, a Unicorn Spikard. Due to her actions working with both Orien and Shiori (as well as the spikard), Katherine was soon sworn in as a Special Agent of the Crown, then returned to Mystara with Orien, Shiori, and Aburatsubo to shut down Coligny of the Ascended Masters.

She has since aided Orien and Shiori during the events of the Logruswrack, including the liberation of Helgram, preventing the assassination of Azalyn by Fate-Orien, as well as defeating the Dread Pirate Barbara, Sinatra, and the Rat Pack.

She appears to be in a relationship with Shiori. Or possibly Aburatsubo. Or perhaps even Orien. Who can say?