Court Mage of Amber

Keiko was born in Lipun, but left at an early age for Amber. Her exceptional skill with magic soon landed her a position working for Nanami in Amber City, and she rose to become the head of the Sorcery Division in a fairly short time.

During the Annadil Crisis she worked closely with Shaft and Ramon on several missions, and became romantically involved with Ramon near the end of the Crisis. They married soon after. She was also revealed during this time to carry the Blood of Ember in her, and was officially adopted by Corrine after she walked the Fire Pattern.

Keiko was to have given birth to twin daughters, but an assassination attempt near the end of her pregnancy resulted in the death of one of them. The other, Motoko, was sickly in her early years, but soon grew strong and healthy.

During the Herald Crisis, she went on many missions, culminating in her defense of ShAmber? and the mission to attack Hel's Primal Pattern, where she is said to have rained down fire with the aid of both Gabrielle and Morgenstern.

Originally rised in Lipun, Keiko seems to have completely assimilated and never mentions her homeland. Her skills at the use of magic for conducting investigations is quite reknowned. She is generally a pleasant person. Once a terrible guitar player, she has practiced for a century, and moved from bad to mediocre to decent to good to great, and now sometimes has been known to join in the so called 'Royal Jam', which happens once a year in Rebma (So called because Miki, Madoka?, Mutsumi, and Thoric are all royalty now).

For reasons unknown, Keiko's Haradian heritage seems to have manifested itself strongly over the last century. She has gone from a short, willowy woman who looked about as Haradian as, say, Anthy, to a still short, but now rather more solidly built woman, putting on large amounts of muscle mass and having enhanced curves. Once weaker than the average chambermaid, Keiko is now strong enough to have once punched out Ota Minor. (She has been known to augment this strength with magic, becoming strong enough to take on Nanami Minor and win when she does so). The cause for this is believed partially due to her beginning a training regime with her husband, but even her physical features look more Haradian, and it can be seen clearly that she is Corrine's daughter.

She is Motoko's mother, and has had a stormy relationship with her daughter, although she seems to have come around to accepting Motoko's unusual relationships. In fact, she seems to rather revel in Motoko's position as Bride of the Dragon, and has been known to be able to bully the Logrus into doing her will, calling on her authority as the Logrus' grandmother. After years of squabbling, she and Moonshade have made peace, though it is unlikely they will ever be very close. She seems to like Davros, and alternates between good relations with Mitsune and wishing to kill, kill, kill her. She seems fond of Deirdre, aggravated by Miroku, confused by Kanako, and dismissive of Nanbara. She and Nanami Minor have a poor relationship, ever since Nanami Minor's teenage years. She has fairly good relations with most of the current generation, especially the mages. She is known to have provided some training to Captain Hanajima, and to have gone on a wild shopping adventure with Captain Tomos and the Logrus some years back.

Many observers are quite baffled by her relationship with Captain Uotani. She first met the Captain by being punched out in a boutique by her (for reasons unknown to the general public), and for many years seemed quite irritated with Ramon for his favorable treatment of her. Over the years, she gradually softened, and after the 1395 incident in Wroland, she made a sharp 180, and has moved to showing Uotani an amount of favoritism which quite irritates many other guardsmen and baffles many other people. They go shopping together, she tried to teach Uotani sorcery (and did teach her power words), and she continues to work on smoothing away Uotani's rough edges with mixed success. Uotani seems to show up a remarkably large number of Belgalad family gatherings where one might not expect a simple guardswoman to appear. This has led some to speculate that Uotani quietly shares Ramon and Keiko's bed, though Uotani becomes violent when people ask this, and Keiko just laughs at anyone who suggests it. Ramon simply glares. Others speculate that she is an illegitimate child of one or the other of them, though given that no one else seems to bother hiding their bastards, this seems unlikely.

Keiko, Chloe, Kaname, Kanna, and Nanami Minor recently were involved in a raid against the Untouchable Trio (plus one) and seem to have been rather successful.

Keiko and her husband were among those who recently helped raise Anya in fast-time.

Keiko joined Asuka, Chloe, Minor, and Yuki on a mission into Valencia recently, which ended with the death of Ascended Master Saruman.

Keiko has participated in various other ventures of late, notably helping to defend Azalyn from an assassination attempt, the revification of David, and the battle against The Ends of the World.

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