Land Without A History

Kenshi is either Lipun's shining reflection or its dark mirror. Perhaps it is both. It is little-known to those not close to Motoko, though the entrance is believed to lie somewhere in the seas near Lipun. It is isolated and insulated from any outside influences, a rigidly hierarchical land of honour and obligation and tradition. Motoko is Divine Empress there, eternal and infinitely powerful.

Whether Motoko found Kenshi waiting for her in the infinity of Shadow or brought it into being is unclear, just as the nature of any desired thing found through the power of the Royal Family in Shadow is unclear. It is a product of a different time and a different life, and the philosophical and moral problems it poses to her given her new outlook since becoming Bride of the Serpent continue to nag at her.

There is only one small group of outsiders in the land at this time: the extended family of Motoko's mother Keiko, moved to Kenshi from Lipun for reasons of their own safety following the actions of the Great Lo. The large Chaos mercenary fleet that Motoko captured when they made an attack on Kenshi have since been hired, and sent to defend Amber against possible Rebmaquois attack.

Whether or not anything will eventually change in a land where change is despised is uncertain. Motoko, if she wishes change, seems uncertain as to just what it should be.