She-Wolf of the Seas of Amber and Expert Baby-Hider

The rage of the ocean
is hers to command
and the allure of the seas
is the sword in her hands

She knows why sailors abandon all
to know the embrace of the sea
to feel the water beneath them
the waves the mother who rocks them to sleep
--The Prophecies of the Serpent

Kozue is Miki's female twin, but isn't much like him. She is a naval commander of great note, a professional military woman all her life, who approaches life as a war to be won, and in love and war, all means are justified. She is aggressive, passionate, cunning, and manipulative. Driven by strong passions, she is very cunning at changing her tactics, if not so good at letting go of grudges and now impossible goals.

Kozue's romantic misadventures have been a major force in her life. She is rather aggressive in her sex life, and rather unafraid to go where even people in this family often fear to tread. She is known to have an incestous interest in her brother Miki, and long feuded with his wife Madoka as a result. She has since put that feud behind her, apparently after some sort of group orgy involving Juri, Kozue, Madoka, and Miki (which produced their joint daughter, Yurika.) She and Juri have continued to clash somewhat over Miki, though Juri's avoidance of further sex with Miki (until the Night of the Pentet) has kept that feud lower key than many would have expected. She seems to want to make peace with Juri; her level of sincerity remains to be seen.

Kozue's various entanglements have produced five children over the years: Nagisa by Annadil and Miki, Yurika by Juri, Miki, and Madoka, Shinobu Major by Briaereos, Chloe by some unnamed male (most assume some Shadow person), and finally Shinji by Madoka. Kozue is a terrible mother, with a tendency to hide her children in Shadow, in part because of her knack for producing children she never planned to have. Three of her four born children were hidden away in Shadow by her, with only Shinobu Major raised by her to any meaningful extent. Given Shinobu Major's decline into treason, perhaps the other children are the fortunate ones. It remains to be seen if Shinji Minor will do any better.

While not a good mother, Kozue tends to be fiercely loyal to her immediate family and her friends. Mess with them and you will earn her enmity, which tends to last until the end of time.

When not producing babies, Kozue remains one of the family's naval experts, a swordswoman of substantial skill, a sorceress of substantial skill, an expert conjuror, and one of the family's Pattern experts. A woman of many talents, she prizes flexibility and the ability to adapt to any circumstance. Kozue is a survivor, always willing to do whatever is necessary to survive, because you can't get even if you're dead.

Kozue seems to most respect people who are clever and well-mannered (despite her own fits of rudeness). She also usually respects anyone who has made a serious attempt to master the Naval Arts. (Princess Shiori has benefited from this, as has Princess Kaname and Prince Demetrius.) She seems rather disappointed that none of her own descendents have shown much interest in the navy; she badgers Yurika about it heavily.

Kozue Across the Campaigns

After the loss of her hand and Magnus the Unseen, during her rose duel with Madoka, Kozue withdrew to Shalomar for most of the Annadil Crisis, only returning to Amber in the last days of the crisis to help rescue her brother from Annadil. She has reconciled with the pair and seemed quite content at their wedding.

During the Herald Crisis, she led her fleet nobly and well in battle, although she was apparently kidnapped by the Black-Unicorn War Train at one point. She piloted the Soyokaze on the Day of Darkness, and was congratulated publically by Tylor for her good work.

She then moved to Rebma and became commander of the Pearl Fleet for her brother, Miki, when he became King.

Kozue and Shinobu Major were recently revealed to have been involved in an elaborate plot to destroy Arcadia, and was thrown in jail for treason. This revelation came in the wake of her being used as a toy by Nemuro Hall. She has since begged for mercy, and been allowed to atone by serving Arcadia for the next three hundred years bound by oaths on Justice.

After a successful porn investigation by Kozue with Yurika, Random, and Juri, Kozue retired to Babyland Mark-2 (Micro-Arcadia), in order to spawn.

She now has a baby boy named Shinji. Shinji Minor is a cute little baby, who is not evil AT ALL.

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