Prince Kuonji

Mysterious Archaeologist, Baker, and Prince of Amber

Kuonji remains the great mystery of the family. Little is sure of him, except that he attended Panopticon at the same time as Beowulf and hates him. He has claimed at various times to be the descendent of Prince Van or alternately, a child of Gil-Galad (aka, Annadil, the Lion of Chaos). It remains unclear if Kuonji is male or female (leading some to speculate that his other parent was a Pattern Knight. A few lunatics argue he's actually Morgan in disguise. Usually right before they argue Gendo is alive and is disguising himself as Prince Demetrius and giving out yummy, yummy candy to children everywhere.).

Kuonji's heroic deeds during the Herald Crisis are too numerous to mention, but can be found in the UnS Timeline.

After serving a period of time in jail in Ember (He served a 50 year sentence in a fast-time bubble, being released in 10 years of real time), due to his involvement in planting some sort of tap in Gabrielle, he was released by Queen Corrine, and has been...well, accepted into the family isn't quite the right word, but few in the family hate him these days, though few trust him too much either. He is known to have publically sworn on Justice never to speak another lie to any member of the family. He still doesn't like Beowulf, though they mostly avoid each other these days, except for the Lost Lark incident, which is capable of reduing Kuonji to gibbering madness.

Kuonji is known to have a son, Setsuna. The mother is apparently Ex-Wu-Corrine.

Kuonji is well noted for making the best pastries in the universe, as was established when he took on Makoto in an iron chef duel during her visit to Amber in the late 1420s.

Kuonji has not been seen much of late. He showed up at the Battle of Cathuria to gut Annadil with his son Setsuna, sort of a multi-generational bonding massacre. He has seem abnormally pleased since, although his spirits were dampened by being kidnapped by Pharoah Mobieus and having to be rescued by Chloe, Asuka, Kaname, and Ex-Wu-Corrine.

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