Kurz, N'Stylite Turned Soldier

"I spent years dancing on top of a pillar for screaming teenage girls. You think I have any shame?"


"He sat in his uniform on the outstretched hand of a giant golem, laying back comfortably and reading the latest issue of 'Fashion Weekly'; a careful observor could see he was on the cover of it. His sword sat nearby, ready to be grabbed if necessary, but forgotten for the moment. His blonde hair and fair skin shone in the sunlight which shone down upon him, and a bird perched curiously on the thumb of the golem. Far below, one could just barely make out two people looking for him."


Born in House Helgram, the son of Cho and some woman from New Chaos (it is unknown if he even knows her name), he grew up with Melissa and Sousuke. However, he decided to pursue his dream of being an idol singer instead of going military. After doing some touring with M^2, he joined N'Stylite: Generation 2, and was a crucial figure in the crisis which broke it up; Marko still hates him.

He then went solo for a while, and acquired his magic microphone. After a groupie nearly ate him, he got out of the music industry and was pushed by his father to join Helgram's army. He trained and showed a lot of potential, finally mastering his shapeshifting and going to walk the Logrus. He eventually rose to become one of the Shin Ten Swords after the battle of Helgramways in 1424.

Personality and Aptitudes

Kurz is a good-natured letch. He's fairly brave, and very sociable; he greatly enjoys just talking to people and hanging out with them. He's not a soldier at heart, but after the collapse of his idol career, he's taken to it because his best friends are in it. Kurz continues to flirt with Melissa, even though he knows he'll never succeed.

Kurz often talks about, but would never actually try, sneaking into the Amberite embassy to film one of their legendary all-night sessions.

Kurz habitually uses Logrus Tendril servants to do petty tasks for him; they're just so handy. He has delved into some of the mysteries of the Logrus; he's also noted for his ability to use it for defense. His mind is strong, on a par with Princess Akari or Prince Telemain, though not up to the level of Kanako / Kaname / Hanajima. He is only middling in fighting skills, and not so great in strength.

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Notable Items

Kurz has a magical microphone, with which he can easily work crowds up into a frenzy. And sing very loudly.

In-Game Developments

Kurz has assisted in investigating the Pyramid of the Eye, and has started dating Jewel. He's also had the misfortune to be turned into a Logrus Puppet of Galatea for a while, but that has since been fixed.

He was involved in production of _Who Wants to Marry A Chaos Lord?_

Last seen assisting Jewel in New Chaos.

Kurz now seems to have grown in his skill with the Logrus.