Kyou, Prickly Cat of Souma

"Stand and fight me like a man!"

"He leaned angrily against a tree with a trailblazing mark hacked into it roughly at shoulder level; more such trees lead deeper into the forest behind him. His body radiated power and strength, from his strong arms to his powerful legs. They did not, however, show much signs of grace, despite his totem's reputation. He wore a brown jerkin and brown leather pants, neither tight nor loose. Red hair shone softly in the shadowed sunlight, and his sullen red eyes bored into the viewer. Dozens of unconscious mice lay on the ground all around him."


Born in 1363, he grew up Yuki's rival in House Souma. He was fostered in Olympus, mentored by Hercules from 1377-85, at which point he walked the Logrus. He then vanished into Shadow for five years, followed by going to find his Uncle Hibiki. He trained with Hibiki from 1390 to 1415 AY. He then came back, and Yuki kicked his ass. In 1420, he became Shigure's bodyguard as ambassador to Amber. He and Uotani met in a bar and immediately beat the crap out of each other after five minutes of contact. During the Melnibonean/Chaos? war, the Melniboneans manage to stage an uprising of the Grape Creatures of Chaos in 1423. The Grape Creatures declare Lord Momiji of House Souma the source of all evil (for no apparent reason, given he's a 5 year old), and march on House Souma, where Kyou fights the leader of the Grape Creatures to the death in a spectacular battle whose dramatic effect is ruined when Yuki arrives in response to a trump call, and asks him if he's been helping to make wine.

He continues to live at the embassy and to squabble with Nanami Minor, Yuki, and Uotani.

Personality and Aptitudes

Cranky, driven to overcome his outcast status by proving himself. He's very tough, but shy under his rough exterior.

Kyou thinks he can beat every problem to death. Well, almost every. He becomes much more subtle and intelligent when doing wilderness survival things, as he has great skill and knowledge there.

Kyou is hugely strong, hugely tough, and a very potent martial artist. He's also a shapeshifter of some skill, and has learned about as much logrus as most Chaosians ever do.

Reactions to others:

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Notable Items

Not exactly an ITEM, but Kyou is noted for turning into a giant half-human / half-cat when he has to get into a deadly fight.

In-Game Developments

Like the other Soumas, he is rather twitchy about this Wind Dragon, which apparently helped curse his family...

Kyou recently beat Minor in a duel and seems on top of the world. He's beatn Yuki and is now apparently dating Tohru.

He has since helped to save the Logrus, beat down Mirielle, and helped to find Kisa.