House Leiber

La Chaos Nostra


The Free Cities of New Chaos survived the Day of the Dead largely intact, though many of their inhabitants had died. One of the luckier cities was Lankhmar, which quickly took control of about half of the surviving Free Cities under the leadership of the very petty lordling, Lord Leiber, who had become a major crimelord in Lankhmar before Hel came.

Every kingdom needs spies and a black market. House Leiber provides both and thus remains in place despite it having its fingers in so many criminal pies. If you have the money, they'll find you what you want.

The Godfather

Fritz Leiber of Lankhmar

"He's a good man of business, if you can pay what he's asking. Just don't default on your loans."

- Tubble

He is a cunning, ruthless man who holds firmly to his word and to his business dealings, if not to such minor things as laws. He is usually peaceful, but capable of great violence. He is said to have an iron will and a great deal of talent with the sword.

House Aptitudes

While it has a fair sized army, theft, smuggling, black-marketeering, and other criminal activities are its stock in trade.

House Geography

Lankhmar is a huge bustling port city, full of all the excitement and degeneracy of a Renaissance-era boom town. It is now overflowing its walls and spilling out into the great bay it sits on.

Notable Leiberites and Residents of Lankhmar

Allies and Subordinate Houses