The F9R Lexicon

This is a page for listing all of our various game-related memes.

"Am I pretty?": Rimururu asked her son Moriya this during the Quest for Withywindle. John was widely considered to have been possessed by Lara when this happened. Used at times as code for someone who is getting incesty or cracking up.

BOING: The sound of something bouncing. Popularized as the sound representing someone suddenly having unexpected body parts, such Nanami Minor suddenly gaining several cup sizes as a result of Pattern Complementation or Chloe mysteriously possessing male genitals while masquerading as Yuki with Asuka, despite having no shapeshifting. Also used to refer to people suddenly falling off the net and then reappearing a minute or two later, the result of a network outage of some sort.

"But nobody ever chooses the sex!" : The surprised exclamation made by the GM early on in TAMD when Hiko's player chose, out of either combat or sex, the choice the GM was not expecting (ie., the sex). Now occasionally used either for a reaction to another unexpected player choice, or in the inverted/ironic sense, in reaction to a choice that was once thought highly unlikely but is now common-place.

Dollhouse: Small folding boxes given out by Chloe which contain Pattern-animated dolls who can instruct the user in a variety of techniques, usually sexual. Kaname and Akari have been gifted with them so far.

Door-Sama: A magically warded door which nearly killed Orien and Shiori early in F9R. Use of it in conversation is generally used to either imply some OTHER door is about to kill someone or to refer to other innocuous objects which may turn out to be deadly. Door-Sama made a return as Boulder-Sama, nearly killing Akari and Chloe with its exit-blocking powers.

Frankenstein: To use Photoshop (or some other image editing program) to splice together and modify existing online Anime/Game artwork and background images into a 'new' piece representing a game character, or to create a Trump, or other visual representation.

Gluebox: A situation with high potential for disaster taken care of with minimal fuss and danger due to meticulous planning beforehand which negates much of the threat inherent. Taken from UnS, when Moriya and Motoko took down a demilich when hunting for Withywindle; the demilich was beaten down by dropping a box full of glue on him and then proceeding to crush him while he was rendered completely helpless. An F9R example of such was the easy beatdown of Mark in Uberwald, after all the prepwork of We Have Always Been in Uberwald.


Harad Hug : A hug distributed by any member of the House of Harad, known for their great strength, and desire for emotional connection via hugging -- which usually leads to lots of hugs and bruised bodies. First coined from Corrine and Kanna's propensity in their respective campaigns to hug those they were close to, and now in general use for any embrace which is enthusiastic and possibly hard on the ribs.

Heh : A sign which means John is alive.

Inner Ackbar: The tiny, dyspeptic, fish-guy voice inside every gamer who frantically screams, "IT'S A TRAP!" in an attempt to warn you when you are about to be severely hosed. Some people have loud and highly accurate Inner Ackbars. Some... do not.

"It is more likely I will get a real life harem with Hanajima and Uotani than that...X.": X is practically guaranteed to happen.

"It's Just Freaking Color, Okay?": Suzuka's player's response to the room at large when yelled at about using Logrus tendrils in a heavily dangerous to use Logrus situation. Generally used now when a minor pose unthinkingly causes great havoc.

"It will be safe and fun." Originally from the dystopian Paranoia RPG setting, where all the suicidal missions given to the PCs by the deranged and tyrannical Computer are "safe and fun". Used in an ironic sense to express the opinion that an upcoming event will be neither safe nor fun.

Logruswrack: Suzuka's damaging of the Logrus with the Gloom Device while possessed by Yog-Sothoth and what came after.

The Number 36: One of numerous crotch-kicking techniques taught to Tohru by Nanami Minor. This one is particularly designed to be used on female opponents, and has something to do with using the point of your foot properly. Mention is guaranteed to induce wincing in most people who know what it means.

Philpose : A much longer pose of action or dialogue than usually is expected. Usually encountered when the GM is stating a complex series of actions among the characters within one pose (see "Several things happen at once"), or when a PC or NPC talks in such a fashion to prevent other characters from getting a word in edgewise or reacting before their speech or diatribe completes. So named due to the tendency of player Philip Moyer's characters (especially Corrine) to engage in such.

"Pretty unlikely to happen" Something with about a 50% chance of happening

Roof <Item> Reference to a one-liner from the classic animated program The Tick ("Roof Pig! Unexpected.") Usually, but not always, prefacing a noun, 'roof <whatever>' is used to indicate that the thing it is modifying was in some way unexpected, surprising, or unnatural; 'roof loot,' 'roof death,' 'roof villains,' etc.

"Several things happen at once" : An indication that things have just gone pear-shaped. It is not necessarily all bad for the PCs, though; sometimes it is a good news/bad news kind of situation, and on very rare occasion it is several bad things happening at once to the enemy. Whatever the case, however, the appearance of these words is usually followed by a long pause whilst the GM types up a long set of poses, during which the players wince preemptively and fret a lot.

'Shopping : See "Frankenstein"

Tamagochi: Spending time in casual IC conversation with one or more NPCs you regularly spend action time with. Reference to the small, portable digi-pets of the same name who you had to periodically 'feed' or they would turn on you, a 'Tamagochi session' is one in which you spend time making sure all your valued allies and friends know they are loved, thus ensuring amity and goodwill towards you.

"There Will Always Be Uberwald" : A plot arc which takes much, MUCH longer to finish than expected, due to complexity, number of players involved, scheduling conflicts, delays, and the unexpected lightness of being. Derived from the much-longer-than-planned 'Vamber' plot involving Akari, Nanami Minor, and Random in various capacities, dealing with both Discworld, Classical, and White Wolf Vampire memes.

Umbrella Stand: An object or person who has been given a lavish description by the GM and thus attracts player interest, yet which is actually just color and has no real significance or importance to the plot. Term comes from a basket of umbrellas and canes in Rake which was the subject of intense interest by Damask until the GM gave blunt hints that it was just an umbrella stand and not important. See also, "Gazebo".

Very Special: This is the usage of 'special' in the sense of 'special education'. For example, when Yomiko was revealed to have been hiding Outsidery secrets along with Kanako in violation of her oaths, her formal status as a Special Agent was revoked (or at least placed on extended suspension), but her meta-status became Very Special Agent.

"We Have Always Been in Uberwald." : The variant of "There Will Always Be Uberwald", this time derived from the Babylon 5 line, "I Have Always Been Here", uttered by the enigmatic Vorlon, Kosh. Or possibly from "We have always been at war with Oceania." Or possibly from passing space aliens.

"X IS THE MOST IMPORTANT STAT!" : Where X is usually Endurance, but not always. Usually said in reference to a character taking a beating in one or more fields, and surviving due to the high amount of points invested in that statistic. Derived from the Amber DRPG rulebook, where the 'How to run an Attribute Auction' section has a running joke about each of the stats being the 'most' important.