Makoto Minor, Romantic Iron Chef

"I think there's some wine which some naughty person spilled into my cleavage, oh my. Something will have to be done."


"Hard at work in the kitchen, she wore an apron which proclaimed 'Kiss the Cook' in huge red letters over a green blouse and a knee-length green skirt. Half-a -dozen things cooked at once, as she stirred one pot with a spatula in her left hand, sliced carrots with a huge knife held in her other hand, and watched a third one simmer. A ring carved from a single block of jade, showing a turtle swallowing its own tail, glimmered on her right hand. Smoke rose everywhere, but it could not obscure her well muscled arms and legs, or her auburn hair, pulled back and tied into a long ponytail by a hairband and two small emerald spheres. She was enraptured in her work. Awards hung on the wall, along with two naginatas, a pick-axe, a double-bladed axe, three crossbows, and a chainsaw. There was a window next to the naginatas, through which one could see a forest; a potted fern sat in the window."


Born in 1334, Makoto grew up in Castle Arcadia, where she loved to spar with her father, cook with her mother, and have fun with her other mother, Jacqui. She gained her wood powers from one of Dr. Jacqueline's experiments, and soon came to love experimenting with them. After attending the 1348 Iron Chef competition in Ankh-Morpork, she decided she wanted to train as an Iron Chef. She spent the next twelve years studying under the Iron Chefs, wandering and travelling.

She then served in her father's armies during the Blue Turban war with distinction, though wood powers aren't so good in a desert. She also further trained in fighting with her father, who taught her how to fight like a cat on crack.

After the war ended, she went to Uberwald for a decade (1372-1382), then went to Yig and studied with Ex-Wu-Corrine for twenty years (1382-1402). During this time, she helped Beowulf create the Wood Spikard.

She then dated King Dios for a year; he became her standard of manliness.

She served during the Communist Invasion, punching out Harpo Marx personally.

Makoto served in the War to End all Wars, where she raised an army of werewolves into the conflict by beating up all their pack leaders and becoming Queen of the Werewolves.

She then signed on as Assistant Warden of Uberwald (1424). She continues to rule the werewolves of Uberwald, who have come to see her as an avatar of the forest gods.

From 1427-30, she visited the Amberverse.

In 1430, Miroku and Makoto Minor date for a few months, until she dumps him because 'He doesn't have a cool car like Dios-sama did'. Or something. (Certain rumors claim that there was some sort of unfortunate encounter with Hanajima, in which she asked Miroku if he'd come up to Uotani's standards yet and told Makoto all about his past dealings with various of the family.)

Personality and Aptitudes

Makoto is a cook supreme; she just loves it. Her fighting style involves a combination of street brawling, dirty fighting, and cooking utensils, with her wood powers thrown in at the same time. She is very strong, though she can't match Kyou, Uotani, or Nanami for raw strength.

She is a fairly potent wood elementalist, which combined with her spikard, can be quite vicious.

Makoto is a born romantic, and chases after men as if there was some danger they'll cease to exist if she doesn't get them NOW. She can be quite relentless at this. She also tends to compare every man to her 'lost love king', her old boyfriend, King Dios of Chaos. They generally don't measure up. It doesn't help that growing up in Castle Arcadia gave her some strange views on relationships, though not half so insane as Minako's.

Makoto gets on fairly well with her parents, is close to her Uncle Van, and squabbles with Saionji a lot. During her visit to Amber, she and Moonshade got along well.

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Notable Items

She carries Woodrow, the Turtle Spikard of Wood

In-Game Developments

She spent some time acting as Regent of Arcadia in the absence of her parents and Minako. She is now just generally helping out.

She went on a long mission to Uberwald with Akari and Nanami Minor with great success.

She has become the first member of House Arcadia to have an on-screen threesome...