Harem-Keeper of Amber and Teacher of Sorcerors

Musician, sorceress, keeper of an all-male harem (rumored to be shared with Shizumaru's mother, Atsuko), Michelle has spent the last century running a school for young sorcerors which either IS her harem or is a recruiting ground for such. Still, it does provide a fine education, complete with combat training, etiquette, the noble arts, and, as you might expect from its name, sorcery.

She and Lady Atsuko are the joint administrators of the school.

She took David, the ghost-son of Nanami, under her care, though now he has has perished again on Akari's mission to Cathuria. She is saddened by this, but unfortunately for her son, somehow finagled the Phoenix into saying Motoko and Thoric would make a good couple... Beware.

Of late, she has helped chase down Utena and Wakaba, brought new life to Trantor, and defeated a Sakura.

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