King of Rebma

Threefold the oracles of water are
to him belongs the grace of the peaceful ocean
to him belongs the music of the crashing waves
gently, he moves, the sea at peace

He sings with open heart
he walks with open mind
he sees with open eyes
and music follows him
--From the Prophecies of the Serpent

Perhaps no one is more surprised than Miki himself that he is now King of Rebma and has been for a century. Miki is a gentle musician and diplomat, who has never been very ambitious, though he has dedicated himself to Amber and Rebma's service all his life. But when Lucien fell, he took up the Crown and has ruled Rebma well this last century. Miki shares his burdens with his beloved wife Madoka; she handles the administrative work while he deals with diplomatic and political issues.

Miki is probably one of the most popular members of the royal family. He is a little shy, but is friendly and kind, loyal to his family and friends, and very creative. He has a definite knack for gently guiding people the direction he wants them to go and for diplomacy and negotiation.

Miki has had a tangled love life. His first love was his half-sister Juri, with whom he had a few brief flings and a long period of desire repressed to avoid Gendo turning them both into kibble. But at the same time, his sister Kozue has long loved him, and they have had two children together, one the result of manipulation by Annadil (Nagisa), the second due to a post-victory Orgy when Kozue, Madoka, and Juri of Avalon saved him from the sway of Yog-Sothoth during the Annadil Crisis. This orgy produced Yurika. Despite this orgy, he went on to just marry Madoka, and they have had two daughters, Mutsumi and Kaname. The disastrous Night of the Pentet resulted in him impregnating Juri and Random while under the control of a Ghost-Taylor. He has had a daughter, Haruka Minimus, by Juri and a son, Nemo, by Random. He seems to hope to be a father figure to them, which may cause trouble with Madoka.

Miki and Madoka's relationship has been stormy of late, as the disastrous Night of the Pentet seems to have made Madoka's various fears of Miki's ties to his old loves a lot more volatile. It remains unclear whether he will be able to negotiate this stormy sea.

Miki was long the foremost Trump Master of the family; Corrine and Mutsumi now challenge this position, but he remains one of the very best. He is known to have done much research into the use of music as a medium for trumps, and once built a now-destroyed Trump Conservatory.

In addition, Miki is a very talented diplomat and negotiator, he is a swordsman of fair skill, a general of fair skill, and a very brilliant musician. His mind is fairly potent and he is known to have delved into advanced arts of the Pattern as well.

Miki through the Campaigns

Miki spent many years as Master of the Revels, then after the Annadil Crisis, become of one of Amber's main diplomats, rising to the position of head of the Diplomatic service. He has since become the King of Rebma.

Miki now possesses the patternblade Withywindle after a complex series of events detailed in Motoko's entry.

Shortly before the Annadil Crisis, Miki became engaged to his long time love, Madoka, the Court Bard. This resulted in a rose duel between Madoka and Kozue during which Kozue lost her hand and an attack by the Embrans effectively began the Annadil Crisis. Kozue, having lost the duel, went into exile. During the Annadil Crisis, Miki was captured during a scouting mission to the Keep of the Five Worlds led by Princess Hiko, along with Greyswandir, loaned him by his brother, Derith. He was rescued by some sort of experiment which flooded the castle, but also resulted in reconciliation between Miki and his sister Kozue. An orgy ensued with Juri of Avalon, Kozue, Miki, and Madoka, which produced his daughter, Yurika.

During the Herald Crisis, Miki engineered alliance with the Courts of Chaos, culminating in the joint Amber/Chaos? alliance against the Serpent's Horn and the Chaos Expedition on the Day of the Dead. Emerging triumphant from this, he was then called upon by the remaining leaders of the Rebmans to become King of Rebma. He reluctantly agreed only after Juri offered to serve as his Marshal.

Miki seems very depressed due to the joint effects of his beloved sister being a traitor and his recent problems with Nemuro Hall.

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