Minako, Would-Be Cupid

"Makoto needed to beat more sense into me, more often."


"A young couple made out on a bed as she hovered in the air above them, trailing long white fluffy wings and holding a long wand tipped with a red heart. She smiled down benevolently upon them, her blue eyes shining with satisfaction at a job well done. There was a quiver slung on her back, and a bow slung over her right shoulder. Dressed in a beautiful blue dress, she wore a ring carven from a huge diamond and depicting a perky turtle, his legs all spread wide, on her left hand. A coral and sapphire tiara graced her brow. In the distance behind her, a mushroom cloud erupted, and a shockwave rushed towards her; she did not notice it."


Born in 1333, Minako was raised to be a potent magi. She hopes to eventually learn trump, but just hasn't had time. She attended Unseen University after 1348, getting in lots of trouble for doing things like summoning Death with the Rite of AshKente? in order to try to hook him up on dates.

Eventually, Minako graduated, and spent a while running around getting into trouble. When the Blue Turban War broke out, she joined up and helped her Uncle Saionji do battle against the Blue Turbans, where she met Nanami Minor. She decided that she definitely needs to find a way to perk Nanami Minor up. Minako annhilates both fleets at the battle of Minako's Folly in 1365; she gets heavily chewed out by Saionji.

1372-1400 AY: Beowulf goes to Arcadia, and works with Thoric, Mutsumi, Jacqui, Dr. Jacqueline, Minako, and the Bride of the Jewel in forging the Turtle Spikards.

1385 AY: Minako defuses a fight which threatens to destroy most of Continent XXXX, when she suggests a compromise name for the Turtle Spikard of Creation (Dr. Jacqueline wants to name it 'Fuyutsuki-Slayer #57', the Bride of the Jewel wants to name it Curuya, Mutsumi wants to name it Alphonse, and Beowulf just wanted out of the giant Emerald he'd been trapped in in the first few seconds). The spikard is dubbed 'Bill' after Bill Vincent, famous artificer and weapons maker.

In 1400 AY, Minako is appointed Regent of Aidacra, home of the Water Pattern of Arcadia. She settles down in the city (which she has been known to refer to as her 'Love Shack'), and begins importing everything she thinks is cool.

1403 AY: Minako arranges for N'Stylite: Generation 4 to cross over into Arcadia. They perform a sold-out concert in Aidacra, then go to Ankh-Morpork, where, due to an unfortunate incident at the Broken Drum, the city panicks and assumes they're the first wave of an invasion from Uberwald. Massive rioting ensues, made worse by Ota Minor shooting several members of the band with Whalekiller, Mark III, before someone finally tells him what's going on. Minako gets mad and imposes a trade embargo on Ankh-Morpork and begins sinking Ankh-Morporkian ships. All-out war almost erupts before Makoto Minor performs emergency brain surgery on Minako with her fists. Minako calms down and the situation is defused.

1425-9 AY: Minako places her regency in the hands of a lieutenant and heads to Amber to actually meet all of her relatives.

Minako continues to act as Regent and as general love meddler woman.

Personality and Aptitudes

Minako believes in love. Believes it can cure all ills, solve all problems, fix EVERYTHING. Thermonuclear attack spells are method of choice #2. If that doesn't work, run away and figure out another plan.

Minako has a very potent mind, and has delved deep into the mysteries of the Pattern and the powers of sorcery; she is known to be an advanced Pattern Sorceror. Backed by her spikard, she is capable of hideously potent, though often rather crude and clumsy effects.

In conjunction with Deirdre, she becomes even more herself; it is the goal of most members of the family to keep them away from each other for the good of mankind.

Minako has served quite well as Regent of Aidacra, being vivacious, social, and capable of complete obsession when necessary. She's not so good at the paperwork.

She has an immense appetite for music, and the delusion that she can sing well.

She drives her parents nuts, but they love her deeply, and give her more responsibility and power than is likely wise.

She is known to greatly like the Quartet, but drives them all insane to a greater or lesser degree. She also sets Drake, Shinobu Major, Kozue, Eowyn, Mikage, Nanami, and Touga on edge. Beowulf and Corrine and Wakaba all adore her.

Lord Loewen fears her.

Reactions to others:

The Founders

The Elders

Spouses of the Elders

The TAMD Generation

Spouses and lovers of the TAMD Generation

The UnS Generation

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F9R Generation

Notable Items

She carries Wendy, the Turtle Spikard of Wind

In-Game Developments

She now has a contract with Death tattooed on her back. And she's been seen with Deirdre. BE AFRAID.

Having launched a failed attack on the Helgram-Catala ball in the cause of true love, she was remanded by Drake to her parents, who failed to keep a very good hold on her, and now she's running loose to Leng with Suzuka.

Shortly after her Leng trip, Minako spent some time in fast-time with friends and family and underwent a purification rite by Akari at the hands of the Phoenix, the exact results of which remain unknown.

She has since assisted in the defeat of the Child Clad in Night.

Minako is currently riding herd over Kozue.