Miroku, Love Monk

"I have a feeling I'm going to start being confused beyond measure very soon."


"He strode purposefully across a desert, clad in heavy green and silver and black robes which hid everything but his sandalled feet, bare hands and his face. In his right hand, he held a long wooden staff, about the top of which, two serpents intertwined. His left hand was bandaged, and held prayer beads. Wherever he stepped, flowers and grass sprouted from the sand. Far behind him, you could see a huge crowd of people following him; it could not be told if they were fans or an angry mob. But he never looked back. His eyes were dark and serious, while his mouth smiled brightly. Tanned of skin, he was not particularly handsome or ugly, though his strong romanesque nose would stick with a viewer. The effect was, however, somewhat ruined by the very obvious copy of Playboy sticking out of one of his pockets."


Born in 1332 at the Summer Rites which brought about the rebirth of the World of the Dead, Miroku was raised largely in Chaos at the Embassy. Having Deirdre, Kanako, and Nanbara as siblings kept him hopping. Miroku combined a great sense of piety with a vivid imagination, a big mouth, and a knack for getting in trouble. He befriended Lord Atleby of Alars in his youth, attracted by the man's talent for making up fascinating stories. He also had a talent for sorcery, which led his parents to send him off to the Great School of Magic when he turned fourteen, along with his sister, Deirdre (1346). He graduated eight years later, in 1354. After taking the Logrus, in part out of a sense of competition with his sister, and in part possibly due to lingering Logrus insanity, he became a stylite for some six years before learning his sister had skipped out on him three years earlier without letting him know. He tried to continue in the hopes of eventually gaining a harem like his father, but after four more years, he gave up.

He joined the Priesthood of Kundali, and spent the next thirty years (1364-1394) in training, then in serving the cult, eventually being appointed as one of High Priest Rural's assistants. Random and Miroku begin seeing each other off and on in 1375 AY. He served the High Priest until 1400, then decided he wanted to go see the Amber side of things. In part this was because he was discovered in bed with Lord Darios' wife and had to run for his life.

There, he began studying under Yumi, Seta, Travis, and Franich, studying the history and lore of Amber, and putting his talents to work assisting some of Franich's expeditions. He wrote several philosophical Kundali treatises, making a name for himself. In 1403 AY, after a year of watching Miroku mack on women, Captain Special Agent Uotani tells him to put up or shut up. A massive lovemaking session follows, at the end of which, Miroku passes out while she's just getting going. He is seen for weeks, begging her for another shot, but she tells him to come back when he can go the distance. 1413 AY: Captain Special Agent Uotani gives Miroku another chance. This time when he wears out, she wraps him in a package and leaves him in front of Bumpy's with a note that says 'Please Help This Man Learn How To Last In Bed'. He later stole Corey's girlfriend, leading him to flee into shadow in the year 1418.

For years, he then dropped out of sight, but resurfaced in the mid 1420s, wandering about and getting into trouble. He dated Makoto Minor briefly, but she dumped him.

Personality and Aptitudes

Miroku likes sex A LOT. He mostly prefers women, but has been known to date men too. He is usually capable of controlling himself if he needs to, but it sometimes gets him into trouble. Miroku is a very pious man. He loves the Serpent, and wants to do the Serpent's will. It's just that his view of the Serpent's will involves a lot of love and passion and sex and other things many others often don't associate with religion. He has great respect for anyone who has religious beliefs and holds to them, though this won't stop him trying to convert them. Miroku frequently quotes scripture, and only rarely invents scriptures to get nookie.

Miroku is generally very friendly and sociable. While he has a pronounced intellectual streak, it only comes out when he's with other intellectuals. The rest of the time, he tends to project either a party boy or a holy man persona, depending on what's appropriate. Miroku likes to do things for fun, and enjoys most sports, especially skiing, swimming, and basketball.

Miroku solves problems non-violently if he can, prefering to trick his foes into destroying themselves. He loves tricking people, probably too much for his own good.

Reactions to others:

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F9R Generation

Notable Items

Miroku carries a potent shapeshifting staff, which also can break spells.

Miroku bears the Eye of the Dragon, and oh is he happy about that.

In-Game Developments

Miroku has been running around helping people and repeatedly nearly dying. And not getting any...

Of late, he's been hanging with Random and Suzuka. In said capacity, he helped to bodyguard Babyland and to defeat the Child Clad in Night, who had a Lion Spikard.

Miroku has since gone on to recover the Gloom Device from the Logrus before it could destroy the Logrus completely, and stabilized the Logrus. He was granted the Eye of the Dragon as his reward.

He has now gone to Arcadia, where he will get to pose as a Vampire Harem keeper. Excited? OH YEAH.

Having retired from vampire harem keeping...for now...Miroku has been running around helping people out and studying the new metaphysics. He recently helped smack around the Entropy Immortals of Mystara.