The Mitala Cycle

Written centuries ago, this cycle of prophesies by the Prophet Mitala deals with several major topics, including the Nine Riders, the Ten Knights, and the Armies of Darkness.

Nine Riders

Sound the Trumpets
Blast the Horns
Let the Nine Riders
Go Forth

How shall we name them?
How shall we know them?
By what sign are they called?
What damnation do they risk?
And to where do they ride?

General or Soldier?
Diving Kingfisher or Red Right Hand?
Defender or Destroyer?
Dream-Keeper or Mother's Hand?
Beacon or Law-Breaker?
Shadow-walker or Wastrel?
Crafter or Destroyer?
Hero or Shell?
Rose Knight or Door of Night?

You have followed all your life.
Now you must lead.
Are you ready?

Left hand holds life,
right hand holds death,
you walk the edge of the knife.

You feel your cause is just.
You feel your cause is right.
But how far will you go for it?

Dreams call for hope
Blood cries for vengeance
Which call will you answer?

Seeking after that which is lost,
What price will you pay?
And who will count the cost?

Shining hero or jackdaw knave?
Who will you serve?
Who will you save?

Will you build a better future?
Will you slay in the name of the past?
What legacy will you leave?

Will you rise reborn from the ashes?
Or will you let the fires consume you to dust?
Will you let one mistake forever define your path?

Which King's song will you sing?
Which King's road will you walk?
The choice is yours.

Gather the blades against the Night.
The darkness cannot touch this one unless it is invited in..
Bend like the willow, flow like the river, travel like the wind.
Free the dead to dream themselves anew.
This one sees beyond the veils.
This one slides out of sight.
Raise new fences against the Night.
Shed your skin and be reborn.
Sing the world anew.

Will you do what you are told
Even if it leads to ruin?

Will you become a puppet
Just like your namesake?

Will you slay all
Who deny your will?

Will you take up the knife
Once turned against you?

Will the living die for the dead to live?
Will you refuse to heed the call of the one who needs you most?

Will you rut in the darkness?
Or slay in the darkness 'til nothing is left but blood?

Will you lose yourself in ancient chains?
Will you kill the best side of yourself?

Will you leave your wings broken?
Will you abandon all to wallow in your pain?

Will you risk damnation to save one who falls into darkness?
Will the story repeat itself?

One rides to Glory Road.
One rides to the Fallen Temple.
One rides to the Ends of the World
One rides towards a dream.
One rides towards the past.
One rides towards the shadows.
One rides to find a partner.
One rides to find a future.
One rides to find the light.

Ten Knights

Ten of one birth
Children of the childless
Knights of the blood
Born of rebirth
Called to battle
Against the night

Three fight for the world they dream
Three fight for the waking world
Four stand at the balance beam
Between them both

How shall we name them?
How shall we know them?
By what sign are they called?
What damnation do they risk?
And what battle must they fight?

Red Knight seeks to bring all to order
Green Knight seeks the perfect harem
Orange Knight seeks a future
Brown Knight plans for victory
Yellow Knight plans the victory party
White Knight plans a future not yet born
Blue Knight makes stories come true
Purple Knight rides on wings of flame
Grey Knight shatters the balance
Black Knight listens to the wind

One who is born to command
Finds it hard to accept
Some things cannot be commanded.

Five-fold the elements.
Five-fold your vision.
Five-fold the fists in your face?

You cannot be
All things to all men,
Though you try anyway.

Master or Servant?
Friend or Lover?
The time of decision comes.

The Logrus tames raw Chaos.
So must you
Or else it will consume you.

You must become like the willow,
For the rigid branch
Snaps in the wind.

Dream-Weaver lets the current guide him;
Dream-Weaver makes dreams real;
Dream-Weaver is blinded by his own stories.

Child of Phoenix, stretch your wings.
Be Fierce as the Tiger
And Cunning as the Fox.

You see only what you wish to see.
You listen only to what you wish to hear.
Will You see the truth too late?

Resist the whispers of the dead.
Let dreams destroy the darkness
And close the living gate with love.

This one takes to the head of the fray
This one casts a wide net
This one wears a coat of many colors
This one leads instead of following
This one dances on the day of joy
This one can't hear the wedding bells
This one goes where the wind blows
This one walks a dangerous border
This one walks in twilight
This one is heir to the wind.

Will you make war upon your kin?
Will you wallow in the blood of your family?

Will you desire to have it all
End by your having nothing?

Will you wander endlessly, accomplishing nothing,
Being absent when needed as you chase new shiny things?

If you do not look to the future,
You will lose the present as well.

The heart can lead one to disaster
As easily as it leads one to joy.

Blind obedience
Leads to disaster.

No one trusts
The Boy Who Cried Wolf.

Will you sacrifice the living
For the sake of your ancestor?

Will you make of yourself a tool
For the destruction of the world?

Your grandfather's path
May consume your soul.

Red Knight must tear down the dark sigils
Green Knight must bring the peace of Kundali
Orange Knight must find true strength
Brown Knight must reach the eighth row.
Yellow Knight must preserve the peace
White Knight must build a new land
Blue Knight must end the longest nightmare
Purple Knight must preserve the law
Grey Knight must right what she laid wrong
Black Knight must close the cracked door

They wait for a day
That Order and Chaos alike
Pray will never come.
For if the Boundaries break
They must make them whole
For they are champions of life.

They must learn to live
If they would defeat death
If they would restore souls
If they would heal bodies
If they would cleanse minds
For the walking dead
Are no use to the living
Until they know life
In all its glories.

The Diver

Your birth the fruit
Of a cry against the Night.
Your life oft a waste
Of the potential they gave you.

Gift of Music
Gift of Strength
Gift of Wisdom
Gift of Will

Will you use your gifts?
Will you let them use you?
Will you bring salvation?
Or only bring pleasure?

The Story has not ended
The Black King rages still
Until all is mended
He will spread his ill.

Do not be the Cuckoo
Do not be the Grasshopper
Do not be the Fox
Do not be the Lily

You must be the Ant
You must be the Maker
Turn your dreams
To practical use

For you must forge the vessel
With which he may be hunted
With which he may be hounded
Before he becomes the hunter
And all the world his prey

Gather the Divers
Descend into the Depths
And root them out
While you still can.

The Armies of Darkness

Against Riders and Knights, the night deploys its servants.
As a Foulness Ye Shall Know Them,
For Their Hands Are Ever at Your Throat.
Black King rages from the Void
Black Queen plots from the Pit
King's Rook spins webs to trap the light
Queen's Rook plans revenge
King's Knight sacrifices a pawn to break free
Queen's Knight seeks revolution
King's Bishop hunts the closers
Queen's Bishop thinks himself free

Black Pawns claw at the walls.
One is the last survivor
One seeks Immortality
One hunts dogs
One seeks to make the big sale
One has three children who seek new birth
One sleeps 'neath endless forest to live again
One seeks to avenge his defeat
One makes very good wine

Seven score years
The Black King
Has Raged
Against the Walls
That Hold Him Back

He cannot open the way
No more than can his masters
He must be freed
By his children
Or by night's servants

They would call Carcosa
They would open the Gate by slaying those who locked it
They would steal the Eye
They would make the womb give birth once more
They would bring revolution

Black Queen piles
Layer Upon Layer
Web Upon Web
Velvet Glove and Iron Fist
Chaos and Order

Brother against Brother
Sister against Sister
Blood calls for Vengeance
She will provide it
And the Way Opens

Allies She Has
But Not Friends
One Brings Chaos
Two Seek Order
They Fight the Triangle

Foul Child
Wears Fair Mask
Hides his Sins
By Smiting Those
Who Also Partake

Thirteen Must He Gather
The Rite He Must Find
Purity He Must Destroy
To Open the Way
To Bring Father Home

Strange One She Is
For She Fights the Night
Yet Serves it Well
Light in One Hand
Darkness in the Other

For Like Many
She Hates Some
And Loves Others
Enemies to Destroy
Friends to Preserve

The King in Yellow
Slays the Last Innocent
To Break the World's Shell
For the Egg Must Crack
If the Chick is to be Born

By Her Blood
He Seeks Salvation
His World Set Free
The Old Master's Work Undone
His Family Turned Loose

Knight Seeks Promotion
For Being Close to the Top
Is Never Enough
For One Who Has Seen The Prize
Within Their Grasp

Knight Would Rather Rule in Hell
Than Serve in Heaven
Knight Will Pull Down the Walls
To Let Himself In
But What Else May Slip Past Him?

Bishop Missed the Fall
Bishop Found the Ruins
Bishop Studied the Gate
Bishop Found the Way
Bishop Botched the Job

But There are Second Chances
To Find the Triad
Who Closed The Gate
Or Their Descendants
And Make of Them Living Keys

Youngest Child
Slain By Darkness
Yet Lives
Yet Walks
Yet Plans Revenge

No Longer a Ghost
Fourth Corner He Is
Seeking to Steal
The Power He Once Held
And May Yet Hold Again

White's Pawns are in play;
The game begins with a gambit;
Once is a tragedy,
Twice is a farce,
Is the third time the charm?

The Dead and the Living

No signs attend her birth,
Though it be long awaited
For in her age
The dead walk.

She brings forth souls
from the pit of darkness
redeems the walking dead
and brings healing in her wake

The doors crack open
The endless tides push against them
They would return before their time
And shatter the law.

Her mind is strong
But her heart must be stronger;
Yet, is there love enough
In any single heart?

If one gives one's love
Freely to All
Will any of the All
Get as much as they need?

Yet if one holds it in
Then many will suffer
Who might have been helped
Who might have been saved.

She would bring life to the dead
But she cannot bring new life
Until she learns to live
Until she sees the whole
And not just a part.

Her parents can guide her
Her family can shelter her
Her friends can help her
But she must open her eyes and see.

She must stare into the night
And understand why there is darkness
Or it will devour her
When hope and faith falter.

For in the end
The child must grow up
And put away childish things
But this risks the death of hope.

For in the end,
One must enter the darkness
To bring others out of it
To let one's light shine.

Her power is great
But many would claim it
Many would use it
Many would twist it.

For she is the hammer
To smash the chains
She is the wedge
To open the door
She is a sacrifice
To free the darkness
She is a pawn
To advance to the eighth row
She is an obstacle
To be eliminated


For she has power
And power has many uses
And many who would seek
To make use of it.

The well of souls
Shines in the darkness
It sings to the dead and the living
Who shall come and drink?

Those who talk to the fallen
Those who seek to bring rebirth
Those who seek to heal the wounded souls
Those who seek treasures in the darkness
Those who listen to the call of power
Those who open ways
Those who serve the darkness,
But need the light
For Good or Ill

The Children and the Fair Folk

On the Day of Rebirth
The Barriers Thin
The Highways Open
The Dead Walk
And the Fair Folk Ride

Day Ends
The Dead Sleep
The Fair Folk Retreat
The Newborn Live
And All is Well

Until Comes the Day
When the Highways Open
When the Triangle is Squared
When the Duet and their Champion
Must Defend Their New Lands

Four Seasons Ride Forth
To Make War on Lands of Order
To Rule Where Once They Ruled
Or So They Believe
In the Dreams They Live

Spring Looks to the Fields
Summer Looks to the Forests
Fall Looks to the Mountains
Winter Looks to the Seas
The Eldest Sit and Rule Above Them All

Will the Dragon's Children
Come to the Aid of the Duet,
Setting Aside old Feuds?
Or Will They Fall to the plans
Of Folk and Triangle and Square?

Will the Unicorn's Children
Come to the Aid of the Duet?
Or Will They Look
To Their Own Defense
As New Lands Crumble?

Will the Phoenix's Children
Come to the Aid of the Duet?
Or Will the Call of the Dead
Prevent them from hearing
The call of the Living?

Nine Riders must choose
Ten Knights must choose
The Disinherited Must Choose
If Blood is Thicker
Than the Chains of History

Triangle, Triangle, Tell me a Tale
One Triangle is Three Same, Yet Not
One Triangle is Two Sisters, One Not
One Triangle is a Duet and a Champion
One Triangle Wars Against Itself

Square, Square, Tell me a Tale
Four Corners Love Without Shame
Priest, Warrior, Magus, Trickster
Four Corners Seek to Use Each Other
Only One Might Be Saved
Four Corners Are One Corner
One Corner Rules One Triangle
Four Corners Cross Barriers
Yet Some Betray the Traitors