Duchess Mitsune Butler

Heart of the Bride of the Dragon

Mitsune is a classmate of Naru's from Ohtori, the younger daughter of Yumi and Travis. She's a very playful woman, though she has grown more serious since the Herald Crisis, and could sometimes almost be mistaken for her mother. Until the itching powder goes off.

Like her older sister, she's a skillful sorceress and logrus adept. She's one of the most noted shapeshifters on either side of the universe, known to favor turning into a fox, thus leading to her nickname (and also into a cloud of mist or into an angel or a fox-woman). She has some skill with electrical magics (and some whisper with sex magics).

Mitsune gets along well with anyone who knows how to have fun, and poorly with anyone serious. Although she's usually in trouble for something.

Mitsune's heroic deeds during the Herald Crisis are too numerous to mention, but can be found in the UnS Timeline.

Mitsune is now Grand Duchess of Hawaii in the United States of Chaos.

In the aftermath of the Herald Crisis, Mitsune has found her purpose in life, marrying Moonshade, Davros, and Motoko, becoming mother to Miroku (who she loves dearly except when she wants to kill him), and perfecting her shapeshifting arts. She's also walked the Logrus and become the guardian of the logrusfoil Trust, which she recovered from the deathtrap which killed Prince Moriya, who was her lover at the time. Many in the family were scandalized when she quickly hooked up with the Quartet after his death. It still causes her problems with her mother at times, and with Prince Shizumaru and Duchess Rimururu. Rimururu, in fact, seems to pretty much out and out hate Mitsune's guts, despite Mitsune's efforts to keep her promise to Moriya to take care of Rimururu. Since Shizumaru's return, Mitsune has cut her losses and minimized all contact with Rimururu. She seems to like Akari, though, although Akari seems to avoid her. (Certain people have noticed that Akari treats Mitsune the way Touga treats Akari. Damned if anyone knows why). Mitsune is very fond of Deirdre, and helps her get in trouble. She also seems to have a strong friendship with Kurz and Melissa Fillmore. She greatly enjoys teasing Sousuke and watching him unravel. She's also known to enjoy the company of Allen von Munchausen. Mitsune periodically tries to convince Yomiko and Telemain to get out of the library and the lab and actually LIVE. The number of Cone People pranks she's pulled on Setsuna can't be counted with mere numbers.

Michelle, Mitsune, and Moonshade are all known to collapse laughing hysterically whenever 'Bust Rimururu' is mentioned. Many wonder if they know something the rest of us do not.

Moonshade and Mitsune are not very happy with Davros and Motoko over the whole Nemesis mess, though they seem to have mostly come to terms with the issue during the raising of Anya in Fast-Time. They will apparently be accompanying Davros and Motoko on the trip to Arcadia.