House Modrigszwerg

House of Chaos Dwarven Artificers


Like most of the houses of New Chaos, House Modrigszwerg formed from the ashes of the survivors of the Hel War. Most of its members were former members of various subordinate houses, united by one of several people of mysterious origin who appeared shortly after the Hel War (Balin, Lord Modrigszwerg, appears to have been one of the allies of Rose, Keeper of the Logrus, who came with her to New Chaos from wherever she came from.)

Lord Modrigszwerg


"He eats my cooking and remains standing, which means he's a real man."

- Grizzelda

An honorable, fairly easygoing warrior, Balin may well be the best fighter with weapons in New Chaos, but is not noted for his skill with the subtler arts or generalship. He is an expert mason and engineer, and designed many of the stouter fortresses in Chaos. He holds the position of Royal Architect.

He is, like everyone else in the house, a Dwarf.

House Aptitudes

House Modrigszwerg are cunning, innovative craftsmen, the best artificers in New Chaos, if they say so themselves. They also tend to be brilliant makers of traps and quite skillful close fighters.

House Geography

Mount Modrigszwerg is a huge mountain of 'natural' origin which has been cunningly delved into by the Modrigszwerg. It is now riddled with far more mines, tunnels, secret rooms, ladders, stairs, elevators, and death traps than you can shake a stick at.

It is quite likely that no one in the universe, even the Serpent, actually has an accurate map of the whole thing.

Notable Modrigszwerg and Residents of Modrigszwergways


The new Lord Under the Mountain; he is noted for his love of cheese, mushrooms, yogurt, and clockworks.

Allies and Subordinate Houses