Sword of the Bride of the Dragon

Daughter of the valar goddess Nienna and Ota Tenjou of Amber, she grew up hearing stories of her father the Mighty Warrior and decided to follow in his path. Though growing up, it began to irk her more and more that Dad and Mom was a one night fling thing. At word of the wedding of her father to a chambermaid, Moonshade decided enough was enough and that she was going to throttle the old man with her bare hands. The news that the Blade of the Valar, a gift given to Ota by the Valar, was lost and had fallen into the hands of Chaosian bounty hunters irked her even more.

At first a kind soul like her mother, years of aggravation and training in the martial arts somehow transformed her into a short-tempered, foul-mouthed, very violent demi-goddess. A century of mad passionate sex seems to have smoothed her temper, though she's still capable of fiery bursts of rage, and fights like a demon unleashed. She has the potential for magic, which she chiefly funnels into making magical artifacts. Moonshade has now taken on the duty of being the Sword of the Bride of the Dragon. What all this entails is unclear to most Amberites, beyond being the Bride's bodyguard and lover. Those most intimate to her call her Isillome, but this seems restricted to the Quartet, Deirdre, and Miroku (You have the impression she wouldn't mind if Kanako or Nanbara called her that, but they don't.).

Sansacure, Wind-Splitter, is her enchanted blade, forged by Aule of the Valar. She bears it with pride. She is known to have done the actual forging part of the forging of Shinjin and the reforging of Covenant (see Motoko's entry). .

Brought to Amber by Kanna during the Herald Crisis, Moonshade's heroic deeds during the Herald Crisis are too numerous to mention, but can be found in the UnS Timeline.

Moonshade is now Grand Duchess of Maryland in the United States of Chaos.

Married to Princess Motoko, Countess Mitsune, and Duke Davros, Moonshade mostly lives in Chaos these days, acting as bodyguard to Motoko when not engaged in kinky group sex. Moonshade is known to have studied the art of artificing in her home shadow, and has further studied the arts of Conjuration with Beowulf, and has become one of Amber's premeire makers of magical devices. She has also instructed many members of the new generation in unarmed combat, and seems to especially enjoy sparring with Violet. She has a daughter, Deirdre, by Duke Davros, who she loves very much (although she seems disappointed that Deirdre is not as much of a badass as she is); conversely, she seems to easily become frustrated with her step-son, Count Miroku. She's known to be very close to Prince Ramon, while she has mixed relations with Princess Keiko. She has become friendlier to Kentaro of late, due to a shared interest in Conjuration. She enjoys sparring with Asuka, and has said that Asuka is the greatest warrior of this generation. She also enjoys sparring with Yomiko, but is known to go easy on her, and to have most of Random and Shiori's records.

Michelle, Mitsune, and Moonshade are all known to collapse laughing hysterically whenever 'Bust Rimururu' is mentioned. Many wonder if they know something the rest of us do not.

Moonshade and Mitsune are not very happy with Davros and Motoko over the whole Nemesis mess, though they seem to have mostly come to terms with the issue during the raising of Anya in Fast-Time. They will apparently be accompanying Davros and Motoko on the trip to Arcadia.


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