The Fiery Funky Fresh Freaky Construct


"You see, Abba is the anti-matter equivalent of Funk. Anti-matter is evil, therefore, Abba is evil."

Once upon a time, there was a construct.

He was, technically, an evil construct, built by the mad and infamous outsider mage Annadil and powered by a flawed Demijewel of Fire, his main purpose was to safeguard the patternblade Justice and kill anyone that tried to get it. Loud, egotistical, going with a flaming-horses motif mainly, he just went about doing his job.

And along came Ota "Shaft" Tenjou to get his sword back.

Mojo clashed against Mojo in a spectacular battle of tre-stone, patternblade, magic and women who gasped and turned lesbian, and in the end, Morganstern surrendered to Shaft, offering to be his loyal servant in exchange for his life.

Having already owned his own (albiet flawed) pattern, Shaft figured having his own construct would be cool too. But the really rigid and un-hip way in which Morganstern carried himself, that just had to be fixed, and so Morganstern underwent 40 years of Funkification, getting his caboose loose, gettin'it up, gettin'down, and thus the transformation came.

Morganstern the horse-esque construct became Mo-G, DJ Mo, The Big Mo, the construct DJ that's hot in every way, master of fiery funk, spinning some flaming beats. If anything, it's believed Morganstern has become more unstable and insane with Shaft's influence. His flaming raves with the funk elves of Arden (themselves a victim of Shaft's cultural tainting) are famous events.

With Shaft's recent demise, it seems he now serves Jacqueline, Shaft's daughter, though this partnership has had an extremely rocky start. During Shaft's death, someone raided Morganstern and mangled his inner workings, also riddling it with viruses. When trying to attune to Morganstern's flawed jewel of fire, a virus tried to attack Jacqueline, who... overreacted. The resulting psychic shotgun, unfortuantely set off in Mo's head, scrambled his brains and made him psychotic (or, as some would say, even more psychotic). After flinging Amberites to Chaos several times, Jacqueline managed to calm him down and get repairs underway.

Morganstern is currently a bitter rival of Gabrielle's, both being flame constructs, locked in a battle of one-upmanship, until recently. Having been repaired twice by Gabrielle may prove to be the crushing blow to his ego.

Morgenstern's shown he's back in top form recently, going toe to toe against the Mystarian War Goddess Vanya. Though Utena applied the final smackdown, Morgenstern did manage to be enough of a threat to get all of Vanya's attention.

Morgenstern's powers include channeling broken fire pattern energy, wifty trump tricks he'd learned from Miki, and Mad Record Spinning Tune Splitting Jam Making DJ Skillz.

He is currently working on a Giant Robot project similar to Gabrielle's Evangelions, tenatively called 'The Big Mo'. Morgenstern is also currently working on eradicating ABBA from the universe.