The Bride of the Dragon

Oh night that was my guide!
Oh darkness dearer than the morning's pride,
Oh night that joined the lover
To the beloved bride
Transfiguring them each into the other.

Lost to myself I stayed
My face upon my lover having laid
From all endeavour ceasing;
And all my cares releasing
Threw them amongst the lilies there to fade...
--St John of the Cross

Motoko is the eldest living child of Ramon and Keiko. Sickly as a child and without the great strength of her father, Motoko learned magic from her mother and grandmother, and, later on, studied the art of the sword with her uncles Shizumaru and Saionji. As she grew older, she became increasingly interested in the family and culture her mother had left behind in Lipun, and spent some time there, developing in that period her signature style of magic, which uses her sword as a casting focus.

Once a severe and even harsh woman with more concern for honour than for kindness, Motoko underwent a great change of personality and beliefs during the Herald Crisis and the war against Hel. She became the Bride of the Dragon, a Chaosian religious figure, and took three lovers (Princess Moonshade, Duke Davros, and Duchess Mitsune), whom she married. Much of the previous coldness of her nature has vanished, and while she remains polite and formal with those not intimate with her, there is a sense of warmth behind the mask. Those with the most dealings with her have seen her in the throes of religious ecstasy, when the Serpent comes upon her, at which time she speaks with great authority and power, and even the Great Lords of Chaos listen. A few have seen her in the spring and summertime, dressed in clothing mild by most standards, but scandalous by the standards she once held, behaving very affectionately towards her lovers and family. Most of the time, she is much like her old self, though.

Motoko is currently Amber's ambassador to the Courts of Chaos, and maintains particularly strong ties to Houses Alars, Helgram, and Nurgal. She can often be seen with Lady Talia, Lady Kodachi, Lord Loewen, Lady Suu, Lady Mataka Fillmore, Hoji, Lord Atleby, or Lady Yuki. She also seems fond of Melissa Fillmore and on good terms with Lord Sousuke. She is known to lecture Kurz and Allen von Munchausen, though she does seem to enjoy Munchausen's stories.

She seems favorably impressed by Countess Violet and fond of Countess Yomiko. Her relations with her younger sister are often poor; they have clashing personalities and little in common.

She surprised many (though those who point to her Quartet and to the yearly trysts believed to take place with the Triumvirate are not surprised at all) when she had a brief affair with Lord Loewen, resulting in the birth of Kanako and Nanbara. Her lust-crazed sex vixen harem freely took her back after this, and she has not strayed again. Motoko often seems frustrated by her children, neither of which she has much in common with, though she tries to be a good mother. Nanbara and Kanako would be enough to make many people snap. Nanbara seems affectionate to her in his own way (which involves a lot of ranting and wiggling), while she and Kanako are rather cool to each other. She seems relieved, rather than worried, that Kanako has vanished into Shadow of late.

She is on rather better terms with her step-daughter Princess Deirdre, and is known to have been very proud when Deirdre walked both the Logrus and the Pattern (and relieved that it didn't kill her as some feared), although she often lectures Deirdre on the necessity of focusing one's efforts. Count Miroku drives her mildly insane, as his every act revives claims that her house is a wild sex-palace. On the other hand, she seems impressed by his piety and logrus skills. Like her parents, Motoko seems to be on good terms with Captain Special Agent Uotani, who seems to get all the missions to Chaos as a result.

Motoko was one of the great heroes of the Herald Crisis and the war against Hel, but the pinnacle of her achievement was performing the High Summer Rites in Hel's subjugated Courts of Chaos with her lovers, allowing for its rebirth.

While fairly competent with a sword, she lacks the raw skill possessed by some members of her generation, such as her cousin Beowulf. Her magical skills are unparalleled among her generation, and indeed exceed those of a fair number of her elders, though Mutsumi is stronger in pure will. Motoko now carries Shinjin, the Sword of Faith, said to have been forged by the Quartet with the assistance of Lady Kodachi and the Valar, using Wyrm Ourobous and Breath of the Dragon in conjunction, along with the mixed blood of all four members of the Quartet. At the same time, they reforged another blade, Hummingbird, once possessed by Captain Demetrius' insane sister Ryoko, into the blade now known as Covenant, and traded it to House Alars to recover Withywindle. Motoko then passed Withywindle to Queen Corrine, since the House of Ember had claimed Hummingbird. Queen Corrine passed it to King Miki of Rebma, since she normally fights with Gabrielle-backed weaponry, and Withywindle has trump powers.

Motoko is, in addition to being an ambassador, the Divine Empress of the Shadow nation of Kenshi, and Grand Duchess of Pennsylvania in the United States of Chaos. Lacking the ability to be in three places at once, however, she generally focuses on her ambassadorship.

Motoko was fused with Davros and Nanami into the being known as Nemesis when caught in a Primal Chaos explosion during the fight against the Hemingway Gang. In that form, she slew the false Kanako and then somehow impregnated Thoric. She also concieved and swiftly bore her new daughter, Anya, to term.

With Kanako's death, her ghost-daughter, Suzuka, has been revealed.

The fallout from this has been rather messy for her, and it seems likely that she will be atoning by doing service for Arcadia for a time, leaving her ambassadorial position open.

She is currently leading the hunt for the Embrans.