House Jesby

Survivor House of the Seven Seas of Chaos


The early history of House Jesby of New Chaos is much like that of it's counterpart in Amber-Chaos:

David, fourth son of King Dios, and elder child of the two borne by Queen Moiraine, was born into an exciting age of the exploration of Shadow. He took to it with a will, quickly mastering the art of sailing, and going forth to explore Shadow's many seas. He soon developed a strong rivalry with his younger brother, Rehoboam. In time, he gathered a great fleet to serve him, and built a great base at Jesby Bay.

With time, his followers came to be known as House Jesby. They continue to be great explorers of Shadow. They also developed a massive rivalry with House Darios, fighting many wars over the years.

After being turned into Wu, the house's efficiency declined, to the point that instead of showing up to attack Rebma, they got lost in shadow, then were intercepted and fought to a standstill by House Jesby until the Purification took place.

Since then, their relatively intact strength has made them one of the most potent houses in New Chaos, able to exert great influence with King Dios.

Lord Jesby


"You have to wonder how he didn't die."

- Malcolm

Hasimir is a quiet, dark haired man with a knack for not showing up at disasters. Many wonder if this is just luck, or if he has some very good source of information. Of middling tactical skills, Hasimir is known to be very, very strong. Hasimir seems to be mostly unkillable, too, having apparently once survived having twin logrus blades inserted into his torso and swung around with great force. Certain people whisper he has sold himself to the Outsiders to become invincible. Others whisper that the first group are probably just sore losers.

House Aptitudes

House Jesby are one of the two premiere naval houses of New Chaos. They're also of only two Great Houses of the Pre-Hel era to maintain its Great House Status, mainly because they got lost on the way to attack Rebma and missed the slaughter there.

House Geography

Jesbyways is a long crescent shaped island, surrounded by a maze of coral reefs, small islands, ever moving mists, and sargassos. The island rises to high hills along its spine, from which rivers run down to many bays and harbors. A particularly fine one is Jesby harbour, home to the main palace of House Jesby.

The palace itself is a great cross-shaped, eight story building, with small ponds in each of the four angles, often used by the children of the House for model boat races.

Notable Jesbies and Residents of Jesbyways

Allies and Subordinate Houses