The Royal Court of Chaos

The King of Chaos

King Dios I

A handsome, purple-haired man, King Dios is the very model of a hero. He's also perhaps the happiest man in the universe, even though he doesn't have a harem (though he seems to pretty much have a lover whenever he wants one). He is soft-spoken and charming, charismatic, and so utterly perfect, it's hard to believe he is real.

Where Corey is the most unkillable man in Amber, Dios is the hardest to kill man in this universe, the one Chaosian who never knelt before Hel. He's no slouch as a warrior, general, mage, or logrus weilder. He is, in fact, probably the most powerful human in the Arcadiaverse.

King Dios is known to have a strong fondness for the Quartet, especially Motoko, to view the Triumvirate and their children very positively, especially Random and Makoto Minor (who he dated for a while), and to be very positively inclined towards both Nanami Major and Nanami Minor.

The Court Officials

Amy Bluegrass, Royal Accountant

If you want to know where the money is, go to Amy. She keeps track of the agonizingly complicated treasury system of the courts, and does it well. She's also a lay sister of the Serpent under the name of 'Sister Paperwork'. Weird, but she does her job well.

The Right Reverend Cotton Mather Whately, Royal Inquistor

King Dios wisely decided that Outsider sorcery is just too dangerous to be allowed to exist, and so appointed an order of Priests of the Serpent to track down every last tome of hideous knowledge and insane cultist, and burn them at the stake. Reverend Whately heads this effort, and he heads it with great gusto, unmatched vigor, and high explosives.

Whately is quite clearly off his rocker, but years of dealing with Outsiders will do that to you, and he seems to be quite good at his job, if overly destructive in pursuit of it.

Ed Frogstongue, Keeper of the Imperial Bestiary

A quiet, straightlaced man, Ed oversees the huge collection of exotic beasts kept in the Royal Zoo. He is a bit of a loner, preferring the company of his creatures over other people.

He is on good terms with Amy Bluegrass, which helps ensure that his Zoo always has enough funding.

Gillian Cerrmor, Royal Gardener

Gillian designed and laid out the extensive gardens of the Black House. She dwells in a large cedar treehouse within them, tending the trees and bushes and maintaining their beauty.

Gillian is rumored to be a witch. She dresses in gardening clothes decorated with sprigs of verbena.

Howard Phillips, Royal Librarian

A piteous case, Howard is a librarian who is desperately afraid of books. And birds. And snakes. All of this is the result of his attempt to assay the Logrus while unknowingly carrying a tome of Outsider lore. It's tough to be a librarian afraid of books, and a man afraid of snakes in a place where the religion is the Way of the Serpent.

Mostly he stays in an anteroom to the library, and conducts his running of the place via servants. He usually hates life with a passion.

Jewel, Assistant Keeper of the Logrus

Jewel has her own page.

Mai Ling Ran, Royal Bodyguard

A formidable unarmed fighter, Mai trained with the Akashic Brotherhood for years, building herself into a fearsome warrior. She is loyal and brave, but is known to be desperately afraid of housecats for some unknown reason. She is also rumored to have powers over timeflow, and dabbles in sorcery.

Makiko, Royal Sysadmin

The somewhat clueless computer expert of the Queen, Makiko runs the many data networks of Chaos, from normal electronic systems to elaborate cross-shadow Logrus networks. She spends most of her time either fixing problems with the network or playing Doom on her special machine.

It's known that Makiko has some weird form of Multiple Personality Disorder, and can be dangerous if she drops off her special treatments.

Mavros, High Priest of the Serpent and Head of the Order of Kundali

The origins of Mavros remain obscure; some believe him to be one of several refugees from a fallen Chaos who Dios imported at the start of his reign when potent servants were few and far between. He seems to have once been a Stylite, but not a very good one, rather prone to pull himself dancing girls from Shadow with the Logrus (in order to resist the temptation). He claims this period ended when he was possessed by the Serpent and used as a vessel in some holy work. Among other things, it seems to have led to him switching over to the Order of Kundali.

There seems to have been some lingering effects; while Mavros is usually quite sane, he has occasional moment when he starts berating someone named 'Kagoyasha', telling him 'he isn't being paid enough for this job'. Most of the time, though, he's smart as a whip.

Mavros maintains a large support staff^H^H^H^H^Harem, which outrages some Chaosians. Others envy it.

Mavros very blatantly carries Mind of the Dragon, and seems to greatly enjoying using it to perform 'Mass Orgasm', among other things...

He seems to twitch frenetically whenever the Quartet's members are mentioned in his presence, but he seems to view the Triumvirate with Great Favor, and bestowed the honorary rank of eighth-level Kundali Adept on all three of them.

Jewel is known to cordially hate him, while he seems to enjoy praising her beauty, intellect, etc, just to watch her explode.

The Rich Ugly Woman, Royal Treasurer

While no-one knows her name, this woman is undoubtedly the richest person in Chaos. She has more Tre-Stone than the Bank of Chaos, and property everywhere. The fact that she is also Royal Treasurer has not escaped people's notice, though she's never been _proven_ to be embezzling. She is also amazingly ugly, hence the name that everyone refers to her by.

She is rumored to have an interest in Outsider tomes... though nothing has ever been proven.

Riff, Royal Inventor

A former freelance gadget bum, Riff was appointed to his current post for helping to foil a plot to overthrow King Dios. His creations are usually spectacular, if somewhat unreliable. He carries the dreaded Primal Chaos UberMegaBlaster? Supreme.

Riff is a decent guy, but tends to get wrapped up in his projects and forget about little things like other people and potential property damage.

Rose, Keeper of the Logrus

The Keeper of the Logrus That Manifests The Serpent is... well... a cheerful, slightly flaky Happy Goth Chick named Rose. Dressed in morbid black dresses, with a cheerful, somewhat dreamy smile, she serves as the wise old Logrus sage of Chaos. Or something. Everyone assumes she knows what she's doing, anyway.

Rose dwells in Roseways inside House Rose, where the Logrus is located. She has goatloads of ancient lore, and probably has weird artifacts up the ying-yang stashed away places.

Rumor has it she came to Chaos Reborn as a refugee from another universe, but no one is sure of the exact circumstances.

Saffir, Court Wizard

A tall, thin, dusky-skinned man, he tends to wander around in his black and gold robes telling people they are doomed, doomed, then offering them candy. It remains unclear as to why exactly Dios employs the man as Court Wizard, although he is a fairly good wizard. He is rumored to have mastered certain secret arts of destiny and fate during a long trip into shadow. He's also rumored to steal candy...

Saffir once melted into a puddle of slime when Minako came into the room; it remains unclear why.

Spider John Halfbrick, Royal Thug

A burly man with a mohawk, Spider John controls the street gangs of the Courts of Chaos. King Dios has appointed him Royal Thug, in order to keep a leash on him; it remains unclear what his job is, besides suddenly showing up and beating the crap out of enemies of the Crown.

Spider John is big, tough, strong, and carries a huge warclub he calls Headbasher. While outwardly he seems like a crude, brutal thug, deep down he's actually a crude, brutal thug. But he does have highly developed aethetic senses, and is a frequent and enthusiatic visitor to concert halls, poetry recitals, and art galleries.